Thursday, 22 January 2009

An update on the aggro

This week's frustrations just won't end!

I just want to say: I HATE the attorneys handling my property transfer and I LOATHE University of Johannesburg.

The former are driving me mental about the rates and taxes. Some of you may remember that the losers told me to trek into town for nothing twice last year (I vented about it here and here).

Well, the slimeballs-from-another-planet-masquerading-as-conveyancers contacted me again this week to tell me to do the same thing again (try to open a rates account). I said no, I've already done that and it didn't work - apparently (according to the municipality and the estate agent), the rates account will be automatically opened in my name, but may take a few months.

Then the wench I've been dealing with has the nerve to argue the point with me and say that she's never heard of that before. She's sure I need to go in, open an account and pay a deposit. She says I must phone City of Joburg and ask them again, implying that I am making this all up and just trying to stall on paying the deposit.

So instead of sending her the first email I typed out, telling her exactly where she could get off, I called City of Joburg. After 10 minutes of listening to their awful adverts and the "let's-try-kill-you-off-before-an-operator-becomes-available" music, I get through to someone who tells me exactly the same thing - there's nothing I can do except wait for the rates account to be opened in my name.

I then type another (more civil) email to afore-mentioned wench:

Dear ------,

I have called (011) 375-5555. I was told that the rates account will be opened automatically, but can take six or seven months until the previous owners’ account has been finalized. I explained that I have opened the Eskom and Johannesburg Water sewage account and asked if there is anything else that I can do. Apparently not.

I then searched the City of Joburg website and found this document, called “Buying and selling property”:

Here is an extract from the section entitled “Opening an account”:

“Rates accounts will automatically be created in your name, as the new property owner, as soon as transfer is registered at the Deeds Office.”

This is taken from a further document, “Accounts”:

“Rates accounts will automatically be created in your name, as the new property owner, as soon as transfer is registered at the Deeds Office. It may take up to 10 weeks to receive and update new owner records.”

Kind regards,

Vat so, poppie!*

This week has not been good for my blood pressure.

In other news, TSC has to write another entrance test at UJ this morning, coz they're not sure what's going on. Joy. As if the first one wasn't stressful enough!

Anyone feel like donating some Valium? Or a trip to anywhere but here?

*Loose translation from Afrikaans: "take that, Barbie!"


Thomas said...

I've never had to deal with conveyaners before but I'm dreading the day I have to get myself immersed in that stuff.

Well done for being so patient!

I heard this morning that there are a number of students that still ahen't even recieved their matric results, meaning they can't get into university at all. Ridiculous. I hope the UJ thing comes right.

Kitty Cat said...

Shame, hun. All I can say is vent, vent, vent. That should help the blood pressure a bit.

momcat said...

Rates on a property are calculated on a yearly basis - August to June I think with July being free. When I bought my house the previous owner had not paid up to date and didnt have the money. I had to pay the outstanding rates on his behalf and the attorney paid me back before paying him out with the proceeds of the sale. The rates departments of the municipality you are in will get the information re change of ownership from the Deeds Office. I usually find that this doesnt happen very fast but you can speed this up if you find that you are not getting billed for rates once the property has been transferred by contacting the rates dept of the municipality and getting them to do a deep search and thereby you can rectify the situation but their is no such thing as opening a specific rates account. My rates are billed on the same account as my water and lights.

The Jackson Files said...

I hate to tell you this, but my rates, water and electricity were sorted out without a hitch.

I paid R300 and some broker did it all for me. A bit late now I know, but if you ever move again I'll give you the number.

Glugster said...

Wow. After all this, the year can only get better for you guys!

THe wench you wrote that extremely polite letter to (I'm impressed with your reserve), is probably just a secretary. It's unlikely that you will deal with the actual attorney. In other words, you are dealing with a dummy trying to act intelligent. Send her a sign.

Being Brazen said...

Have some wine and keep venting on the blog....

Tamara said...

Thomas: Patient? are you talking about me?

Kitty: Thanks for sticking around through all the venting! It's not much fun to read, I know.

Momcat: Thanks. The problem is that my water is done through the managing agrents of the complex, who appear to be almost as useless as the attorneys.

TJF: My elecricity account is no problem. My water accoutn will come from the complex itself. The problem with the rates is, I supect, that the transfer went through just before City of Joburg closed for Christmas. So it's probably still going to be a few weeks before my rates account gets sorted out. But try telling the attorneys that.

Glug: Between all the kak with work, UJ and the attorneys, it's actually been pretty good ;-) Yes - the wench is a secretary. But she's acting on instruction from the obviously incompetent attorney and she's the one giving me attitude. Grr!

Brazen: Wine! what a good idea!

phillygirl said...

meep, what a nightmare :(

boldly benny said...

I think you're handling very well. I would probably do something obscene that would land up in the weird and bizarre section of the newspaper - tons of strength to you!

dizzblnd said...

It WILL get better from here on out.. I promise! The sense of humor you keep about you will help assure that

Damn I sound like a fortune cookie

anyway.. That "Being 5" cartoon is hilarious! I am glad you keep it on your bog

I emailed you this morning ;)

Laura said...

Lawyers of any kind suck!!!!

Gosh your hubby has been through hell and back for this varsity!!!!! Hope this time it is SORTED!

Sass said...

I want to hear you say that in real life. The Poppie thing. hee hee.

All that being said, I tagged you today. Do if it you want, whatev. :)

Poetry Sue said...

Your welcome to come and help boost my city's economy anytime! Greetings from the City of Sin. Las Vegas, NV, USA!!

Louisa said...

Whoozaaah...breathe in...breathe out.

I really don't know how you deal with this so calmly, I would have been ranting to people there non stop until they just want to make me go away and end up helping me.

What a bunch of idiots. Good luck getting it sorted out.

Susan at MotherJungle said...

You can always come and stay with us!

po said...

Liewe hemel that is just ridiculous! Another entrance exam. Sue!

Tamara said...

Philly: Yep. In a word.

Benny: No you wouldn't - you're too decent ;-)

Dizzblnd: Glad you enjoy the comic. Because it's right at the bottom, loads of people miss it. And thanks for my fortune ;-)

Laura: That makes two of us. Well, actually, if you include TSC, his folks, my folks and everyone else... it makes a lot of us!

Sass: Oooh! A tag - I'll stop by your blog to check it out right away.

Poerty Sue: You live in Vegas? Wow. I might take you up on that ;-)

Louisa: I'm tempted to go that route, but I have so little dignity still intact that I figure I should try to keep what's left!

Susan: That's so sweet of you! I'd love to visit Costa Rica.

Po: Hehehe... Glad you remember your important Afrikaans phrases ;-)