Tuesday, 9 December 2008

New header and more hellish bureaucrats

What do you guys think? Designed by the oh-so-creative Exmi, it is awesome, is it not? Doing a little victory dance at my desk. Btw, it's Exmi's birthday today, so stop by and send some love.

Thanks for all the sympathy on my post yesterday. I actually wrote the attorney a snotty email:

Dear *name*,

As per your email (below), I have opened an electricity account with Eskom in my name for the property, and on Friday went to City of Joburg to do the same with the rates.

I did this specifically because your letter states that I must do so urgently. After sitting there for an hour and a half on a Friday afternoon, I was informed that the rates account is automatically transferred and that I had no reason to be there, so had wasted my time and petrol and still had to drive back home in the peak traffic, all for nothing.

Before I trek to Johannesburg Water today, kindly confirm that I do actually need to be there as I will be highly annoyed to repeat Friday’s performance.

Kind Regards,


She replied:

Dear *Mrs Doodles*,

I do apologise for having wasted your time. I do not understand the Council, they instruct us to advise the clients to go and open up accounts and pay deposits and when we do they say it isn’t necessary. I am just following my attorneys instructions to advise the clients.

I have spoken to Petunia at JHB Water on Tel: (011) 870-1500 and she advised that you definitely need to go into JHB Water to open an account and pay a deposit.

Kind regards

So I went to Joburg Water yesterday. The stupid GPS was having an off day, and despite the fact that I was crawling in traffic, could not keep up with me. Gloria (the GPS, so named by a friend) kept telling me, "turn right" after I'd passed the street and then saying, "recalculating... recalculating..." Eventually, after an hour of listening to Gloria's nonsense, I just found the damn building on my own.

And, of course, it was the wrong building. I had to go to the other Joburg Water building, despite having checked where I should go on the website before setting off in the first place. When I got there, you can guess what happened, right?

me: Hi, I'm here to register a water account for this property.

bureaucrat: Hmmm... *types stuff into the system and ignores me for many minutes* Your complex oversees your water bills, so you don't need to open one or pay a deposit. I can open a sewage account for you, but that's about it.

me: Just shoot me now.

bureaucrat: Ummm... sorry? What?

me: Nothing. Yes, please open a sewage account for me.

And then I sat in traffic home again, which took another hour and a half because there was an accident on the N1 highway. Joy.

But... I cheered myself up by stopping at the shops to pick up gifts for my next two secret Santa things and buying some prawn cocktail from Woolies to enjoy while TSC (who is allergic to shellfish) is away. Yum, yum! Ate it with an avo on my veranda with my cats. Delish.

I must say, I battled to sleep without TSC next to me, but I did enjoy indulging in some seafood and having a few hours to get some unpacking done. That said, I can't wait for him to come home tomorrow.


Katie Possum said...

love the new header!

Kitty Cat said...

Love the new header too, and can't believe bureaucracy crap! Shame. Woolies stuff is always divine!!!

Anonymous said...

That header is stunning!!!!

ARGH about the water drama!!! And even more ARGH about the traffic - that sends me over the edge!!

Jeanette said...

Absolutely LOVE the new header, she's very clever, and then moans about her own layout! LOL!
I hate trying to do things like that, I always find an excuse for Lance to do it for me! Glad you can finally get onto my blog, it was the theme after all.

Jeanette said...

Absolutely LOVE the new header, she's very clever, and then moans about her own layout! LOL!
I hate trying to do things like that, I always find an excuse for Lance to do it for me! Glad you can finally get onto my blog, it was the theme after all.

Being Brazen said...
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Being Brazen said...

LOVE your new header...makes me want a new one too!!

I also battle to sleep without my man :)

phillygirl said...

Eep. Annoying.

But that prawn cocktail sounds delish! Enjoy having your man back tomor :)

Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

And they wonder why people go crackers and take their people hostage.
And yes, the header is awesome awesome:)

Louisa said...

Love the new header...well, even if you don't have a water account, at least you can go in peace now, huh? Is it over, or do you need to do any more government queues in the near future again?

elizabeth said...

Love the new header.

As for the running in circles - I'll have a drink for you this weekend. Maybe two ;oP

The Blonde Blogshell said...


Poetry Sue said...

Hey there... I like the header! Sorry to hear that things are just as messed up over there as they are here!

po said...

I freaking love the header! not so much the other stuff though, poor you

dizzblnd said...

I LOVE the new header! It's so cheery!

Hopefully this wille the last round of stupid trips you will have to make.

Dash said...

city council's rally are quite incompetant - can't they just let you do all this running around over the phone?

Anonymous said...

oooh The new header is awesome! I hate doing errands sometimes, even though it has to be done!

Anonymous said...

Hey you pooch has a brother, here are some pics of him.



Tamara said...

Thanks all ;-) And thanks again to Exmi for the gorgeous header!

Louisa: That's the thing - now nothing has been changed. So I need to start all over again with the body corporate.

Dash: They don't answer their phone.

Anon: Huh?

Anonymous said...

I love your header!

Wenchy said...

Our GPS is called MAVIS

Anonymous said...