Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Useless UJ... again!

OMW - so frustrated with UJ. For those of you who don't know UJ, I present to you a brief exerpt from their website:

Becoming UJ

The University of Johannesburg was established on 1 December 2005. It is the result of the incorporation of the Soweto and East Rand campuses of Vista University into the Rand Afrikaans University, which took place on 1 January 2004, and the merger of the Rand Afrikaans University (into which the two Vista campuses had been incorporated) and the Technikon Witwatersrand on 1 January 2005, to create the University of Johannesburg (UJ)...

Confused yet?

Everything is complicated with these people. After FINALLY being told that he had been accepted to study there this year (he found out last week, can you believe it?!), TSC headed off to register at the varisty yesterday, documentation in hand and deposit paid.

He arrived there at 7.35am. Resgistration was set to begin at 8am. At 9.45am he sent me a text msg: "Hey my love. Have been moved to three different queues now. Oh happy day."

An hour later, he called me:

TSC: I'm not in.
Me: What?! How can you not be accepted? They told you that you were - you even have the letter from the HOD giving you his personal acceptance if you passed the entrance exam. Did you fail?
TSC: No. But now he says they're full and other people did better on the test than I did, so I'm not in.
Me: This is bull. They said you were in! Is there nothing you can do?
TSC: No. I just need to figure out how to get the deposit refunded. *sounding absolutely miserable* I've gotta go. I'll see you at home, k?
Me: Ok. I love you, my angel. Wish I could fix this for you.

I spent the next hour trawling the internet for local colleges and varsities taking late admissions. The he called me again:

TSC: I just spoke to the lady I've been dealing with in admissions about the deposit and she says she has my acceptance letter on her desk, so I am in.
Me: Huh? So are you in or not?
TSC: I really don't know - she says I must wait until tomorrow and she'll find out what's going on and give me a call.
Me: But you're supposed to be at orientation tomorrow morning if you're in!
TSC: Apparently there's about 30 of us just in this course that don't know if we're in or not.
Me: Seriously? That's crazy. Are you ok?
TSC: Ja... not much I can do except wait.
Me: This sucks. But whatever happens, it'll be ok. There are other options, you know. We'll figure something out.
TSC: Mmm.

Poor man. He's so stressed about what happens next. Understandably - it affects our future hugely.

I could kill those twits that are messing him around. But I'll just vent here instead. A felony wouldn't do much to fix things, would it?


Christopher said...

What kind of felony? The kind that cannot be traced easily? I'm reminded of a recent Neil Gaiman twitter in which he revealed he'd had a hitman offer his services once at a book signing - "I'm a huge fan, I've read every one of your books. Look, if you ever need anyone taken care of...".

If only.....

Glugster said...

I take my hat off to TSC. I would have throttled somebody by now.

phillygirl said...

Oh my word but that is shoddy administration on their side?! How does anyone stay determined enough thru this. Will be holding fingers & thumbs for TSC (& you & both of your sanity!)

Thomas said...

Geez, that's ridiculous. I agree with Glug, I would have gone on a rampage.

I really really hope this all gets sorted for you guys!

Kitty Cat said...

Can you believe the inefficiency and uselessness?

boldly benny said...

My word what a nightmare, but I think it is a general tertiary institute thing. I had nightmares at UCT and Rhodes and have friends who had similar disasters at TUKS and Wits!

Being Brazen said...


Anonymous said...

Oh Lawd, that better not happen to me on my first day of school (Feb 1) Grrr

dizzblnd said...

Wjhat a pain in the ass! I am sure it will get straightened out and he will stat soon.

A carefully planned felony might make you feel better ;)

Just kidding

Hayley said...

Oh my think they would do everything to encourage studying etc especially in South Africa! They make it as hard as possible.

Louisa said...

Chaos! What are universities coming to in this country?! I would also have gone on a rampage - tell him I say good luck.

Tamara said...

Christopher: That's hilarious! One day when I'm a famous author, I hope someone says that to me ;-)

Glug: i know - he's been very restrained. I'm keen to chuck a tantrum on his behalf.

Philly: Thanks, hey. all this uneccesary drama!

Thomas: Thanks ;-) I hope so too.

Kitty: By now, i'll believe anything!

Benny: Ja, I had UCT issues, but never THIS bad.

Brazen: Yes. That's a fitting word.

Paula: You start on a Sunday?

Dizzblnd: Maybe you're right. Any ideas?

Hayley: I know! The twits.

Louisa: Thanks, lady. Will do.