Monday, 12 January 2009

Interview with me!

The oh-so-lovely Sleepyjane did an interview post on her blog, and invited anyone who wanted her to make up some interview questions for him or her to drop her a comment. Despite being so humble and modest (mwahahaha), I took her up on her offer, and here are her thoughtful questions and my (probably less thoughtful) answers:

1. If you could choose any talent to be blessed with, anything at all, what would it be and why?

First question and I'm already regretting this ;-) Ummm... I guess it would be helping people. I so often want to help out and end up just feeling awkward and useless when I try.

I'd also love to be really musically talented. Or to be incredibly good at making money. Hehehe... how shallow am I?

2. If someone said that they would pay you X amount of money but you are NEVER allowed to blog again, what amount would you accept?

Not blog?! Sheesh... hard one. Realistically, now that I've made such awesome blogging friends and have most of their email addresses, I'd accept enough money to cover four months' salary so that I could get set to start freelancing full-time. So long as I could still read and comment on everybody else's blogs!

3. If you could have been born in any other country, which one would it be and why?

Ummm... Zambia? Because it's where my mom was born, I find the people incredibly friendly and it's not too far away from good old South Africa ;-) Or France... Just to have a cool French accent, decent public transport and holidays in Spain! Not too keen on the French men though.

4. Tell me something that you are proud of, like some goal you reached?

I'm still proud every time i see my name in a publication. It never wears off. Even if nobody's ever heard of the magazine or book. Which is usually the case ;-)

5. If you could be a member of the opposite sex for a day, no strings, would you do it and why?

YES! Who wouldn't? Especially if the guy had to be me for a day and I could arrange for the swap to happen at "that time of the month" so I could miss a day of that hell. And educate the dude a little. *evil grin* But yes... I'd like to know how it feels to be a boy, to be able to pee standing and whether people treat you differently at work, in shops and so on as the other sex. The best would be if TSC and I could swap for a day. I'd love to know how it feels to be him when we're in bed ;-)

That was fun. If any of you would like me to send you five interview questions, leave me a comment and let me know.


Glugster said...

Hmmm. Only four months salary. I thought you wanted to be able to make lots of money! LOL

sleepyjane said...

I love your answers! :)

The Jackson Files said...

How interesting. Welcome back, it's lovely to read you again.

Anonymous said...

Oh no; no more interviews for me thanks.

But I would LOVE to be a man for a day; I've always been curious as to how it felt. LOL. Period time. Why subeject someone to that kinda torture? But I'd wanna be a hot man. :D

Glugster said...

I know a few guys who would love to be a man for a day.

Laura said...

very cool answers :) Love the last one - lol - I would love for them to experience that for just one day too!

Slyde said...

i think i would stop blogging if someone offered me a hot pretzel...

Miss Caught Up said...

Great answers! :D

Jeanette said...

Hehe love the answer to the last one! And you're quite cheap about your blog writing thing!

Stevin said...

I agree with the having your work published as being a great achievement.

I just recently had my 1st article published, and although it's not in a major publication, it's a feeling I will remember forever.