Thursday, 8 January 2009

Of blogging affliction and warm houses

It's so awesome to be back at the blog. During the long hard hours when I was putting in my in-laws time, I wished I had access. Not specifically to moan or vent (well, ok... maybe a bit), but to have an outlet to get what I was thinking and feeling out of my head, because once I've written things down, it seems to give me renewed perspective. Then, of course, there's the fact that people leave me nice comments commiserating with my situation ;-) It's always nice to feel like someone understands.

So, yes... the blog addiction is still strong with me! Just so you know.

In less navel-gazing news, TSC and I wrote out a list of people we plan to invite to our house-warming party. The total is 150. Sheesh! I didn't know we knew 150 people, let alone wanted them in our home.

But I seriously don't think we could fit that number into our house. Not unless we stacked them sideways. Which wouldn't be much fun, you gotta admit. Unless you're the perverted type. And then I don't really want to know.

So we have now decided to have... wait for it... FOUR housewarming do's! Insanity is strong with us too, it appears.

This poses a further problem (the four events, not the insanity - that's quite enjoyable), as we have a grand total of TWO free weekend days this month, and then next month's weekends are almost booked up already with my mom's birthday, my parents' 30th wedding anniversary and the like.

But, in typical evil genius fashion... I have a plan...

It involves much abuse of the ellipsis... (in case you hadn't noticed), the collusion of various sinister (and not-so-sinister) people, and the borrowing of many chairs, a braai or two and perhaps even some pavement... All will be made clear in due course.

Or not.

And it's not that evil or exciting anyway, except in comparison to the 'to do' list on my desk today. Which I must now tackle like a Springbok would an All Black - viciously and without a thought for the pain it will cause me ;-) A rugby reference, for those of you lucky enough not to know what I'm on about.

Cheers. For now.


Being Brazen said...

Yes, the insanity is strong with you....HA HA HA HA

Glad you back and blogging

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, insanity is strong with you.

LOL If you need a caterer, I know just the person. Good luck! No rest for the... um, well, popular people. ;-)

dizzblnd said...

150 people in your house? I hope your house includes a padded room... you're gonna need it.

ellipsis... are... my... favorite!

Your letter is "D"

Charmskool said...

Wow you are totally insane but very popular it seems. I guess you must be kind of nice crazy not scarey crazy. Enjoy the parties and buy plenty of paper plates ... you don't want to have to wash all the dishes 150 people will eat off do you? Btw...yay you're back! I missed you lots!

po said...

Haha your plan sounds intriguing, I think you should just hijack the whole street for your party

Shania said...

I think it all sounds like loads of fun...but then I don't have to coordinate, supply, and clean up from four parties either!

31337 said...

the force is strong with you child.

all the best with the parties. i cannot wait for all the grimy details. i like your sense of humour.

Dash said...

ohhhh I want to go to a saffer braai!

And I miss rugby...I'll put that on my ever increasing return to oz to do list.

Poetry Sue said...

WOW I am so american that I only really understood the evil plan part... LOL

Louisa said...

I can't wait to hear this evil plan of yours...150 people, wow! You may want to start looking into building an additional room just for all the house warming gifts?

Laura said...

Four parties are very cool and four days to have them in - even cooler :)

GOOD LUCK with the planning!

angel said...

erm... don't we get an invite for any one of the 4?!?!?!???