Friday, 16 January 2009

The aggro is back

My blog has been all chipper and dandy lately, so I thought it might be time to return to a little cynicism and snottiness for today. Especially seeing I am in need of a vent. As such, here's my list of things that pissed me off this week:

  1. UJ. University of Johannesburg has been my single greatest stress-causer over the past few months. And I'm not even a student there! See, TSC applied to study there, starting this year, and has has endless problems from them ever since. From telling him he was accepted then denied then accepted to moving the date of the entrance exam without telling anyone, they have excelled at sucking. He eventually found out two days ago that he is indeed accepted. Which gave him a whole week's notice before he needs to start the academic term. The award for inefficiency is undoubtably theirs. Well done, useless UJ.

  2. My to-do list. It is pages long and as soon as I do one thing, five more get added to it. Usually not-nice things either.

  3. Clients who think my world revolves around them. No explanation needed.

  4. Gauteng BMW drivers and taxis. They piss me off every week. Unfortunately I don't usually handle it as well as Louisa.

  5. Lurkers! All you folks who stop by and don't comment, I ask: why not? Am I not worth your comment-love? Please, please, please... delurk now!

  6. Blogger. Yes, even beloved blog host has annoyed me this week. It wouldn't let me access any blogs yesterday. Just RSS feeds. Which meant no commenting for me. Tlak about depriving me of joy!

Right, now that I have that out of my system, I can have a chipper and dandy Friday. Wishing you one too. I leave you with this...

What goes through your mind when someone says "let's go for drinks"?


Being Brazen said...

Hope you have an absolutely wonderful weekend :)

Being Brazen said...

PS - thanks a bunch for recommending my blog to Tom - very nice of you

Thomas said...

I'm a TUKS graduate myself so I have to say that yes, UJ really does suck. It's also ugly.

Right, now that we've got that out the way..

I hope your to do lists shrinks a bit before the end of the day, there's nothing worse than heading into the weekend with work stuff on your mind.

Oh and death to Taxi Driver, just this morning I cut one off on Witkoppen (maybe on purpose) and he threw a coke bottle at my car. It wasn't glass, but it was still pretty lame.

31337 said...

here i am *waving* i am not lurking, honest!

Laura said...

Lurkers are very frustrating!!!

I so hear you on the to do list!! I had one for these 3 days - it was long and is still long!! All I got done was getting the kids to school!

Have a GREAT weekend!

boldly benny said...

I so hear you on the to-do list!

Kitty Cat said...

Hey Tamara, it's good to be back, and thanks for the blog love! Have a great weekend!

Glugster said...

OK OK. I'm commenting. Just in case.

Charmskool said...

Ugh I loathe taxi drivers - even Cape Town one's and Cape Town BMW drivers suck too. I have my own long and mostly ignored to do list and as for lurkers....some of them can turn quite nasty - I have had experience of lurkers who are mean and spiteful...see past blog on the blonde wife of relative etc

momcat said...

Now I'm too scared not to comment!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a poep week. But... it could be worse. You could be covering a story in Gaza and you had to get a testimonial from a suicide bomber.... 5 minutes be for he's set to go off.

My answer to drinks:
Hell yeah! :D

acidicice said...

*sends you comment love*

Shania said...

I don't think there's enough room on the comment form for all that's teed me off this week!

Louisa said...

You know, it's not been my week on the roads. Today I almost got T-boned by a 4x4 in a parking lot. you'd think with him having a better view from up there he'd notice that someone is already using the road before pulling out into it? Unfortunately I did not get a photo since I was too busy hooting.

Good luck with UJ, I've been having similar fun with Unisa this week.

Gill said...

I am dealing with UNISA aggro right now - Rox has registered for this year and we are having fun and games getting our hands on all her tutorial material....

Hope you have a fun weekend to make up for it :-)

po said...

Hectic i have never even heard of UJ! How can they be confused as to whether someone is admitted or not?

Hayley said...

Okay, okay, okay, I have been lurking...but just for a day or so...and in my defense it was by my phone, so could not comment 9well it was difficult too)...sorry :-)
Love your blog!
And thanks for the comment on mine :-)

Wenchy said...

I do not like lurkers either

dizzblnd said...

i am years behing on my to-do list.. I think I will go burn it now

What goes through my mind when someone mentions alcohol??

Me doing a striptease while singing karaoke

Anonymous said...


Caz said...

LOL @ anonymous!

So guess who i met this weekend.... PJ and Ash Smyth! How weird is that?? He started talking a bit about the Jozi Revolution and I was like "waaaaaait a minute!"

They were in CT talking at our leaders conf.

weird hey?

LOVE what you guys are doing at Montecasino!!!

Stevin said...

Ok, I'm chucking a little bit over the UJ thing. As last year I was having the exact same issues with WITS, and eventually missed the entrance exam. This lead me to study part time through UNISA which I feel is a better course of action for myself (can't not work and hence not make money that I'm used to having)

Then on the note of the BMW drivers, come on. It's not just BMW drivers that are idiots these days. I will surrender to the fact that I think most M3 drivers are asses though.

My personal peeve are taxi's causing me much road rage. I will not back down for them cause I personally think that is exactly what they expect you to do. Most of the time when you don't they in fact back down (although I should add that I can't say if this is also true for a female traffic commuter)

Chin up, all this aggression and they year is still young... woooooosaa

angel said...

ooooh i HATE BMW drivers- and believe it or not, they're the same all over the country!!!

and why not have a de-lurking day doll!!!

Christopher said...

Mmm, I guess I would be one of those lurkers you so loathe, not intentionally though.

To-Do lists can be depressing, so I never write mine down - that way I can change things without anyone knowing.

Tamara said...

Brazen: i did, thanks. And you are very welcome.

Thomas: I had a wine glass full of wine thrown at me by a BMW driver. So I feel your pain.

31337: I know you aren't - you wouldn't do that to me. Would you?

Benny: Then strength and courage to you, my friend!

Kitty: Yay for you! So glad you're sticking around.

Tamara said...

Laura: Well, you're still one up on me!

Glug: Good. Thank you.

Charmie: It's a universal thing, I guess.

Momcat: I'm glad you know where we stand. *evil grin*

Paula: You are right - could've been much, much worse. Cocktails all round.

acidicice: Thanks. Yay for you!

Tamara said...

Shania: The aggro is strong with you too.

Louisa: Was it a BMW 4x$ ;-)

Gill: Wah! They're all the same!

Po: It's the old RAU combined with Technikon. And I don't know, but they do manage it.

Hayley: You rock! Thanks for the comment, lady guy.

Wenchy: They scare me.

dizzblnd: Wow - an overshare in my comments section. Good on you!

Anon: very funny.

Caz: Bizarre! Aren't they awesome people?

Tamara said...

Stevin: I know, I know... Goooosfrabbaaaaaaaa!

angel: Good idea.

Christopher: Thanks for delurking! Yay! You've made me smile.