Friday, 23 January 2009

Another interview with me (poor you)

The lovely Shania did an interview post awhile back, and has kindly sent me some really interesting questions to answer here that she's taken from my archives. So I'll start with the first few answers today, and the rest next week.

1. Have you had any further success with reducing your carbon footprint? Is it easier now that you're in your own house with a garden?

I'm happy to say that I think the answer to this question is 'yes'. I'm trying to live a greener life, which is made easier by the fact that our house is in a complex that offers a recycling service, so I have a bin for paper and cardboard, one for plastic, tin and glass and another for the non-recyclable stuff.

Now that I have a garden, I have started a compost heap and am growing my own vegetables and herbs, which means I can cut down on shopping trips and on buying produce that's had to be transported from somewhere else. I don't use chemical pesticides, which means that pests can potentially be a problem, but I pick off the snails and caterpillars by hand, spray with an organic mixture of chili and garlic, and make use of plant partnerships that work. For example, planting loads of different plants in one space actually puts the pests off because they find it harder to sniff out the ones they want to chow.

I also have a big tank that collects the rainwater from the roof, so I use that to water the veggies instead of tap water. And we have become really good at turning ligths off when we're not using them, making the best use of natural light and switching appliances off at the plug point when they're not needed instead of leaving them on stand-by.

I'm closer to work and within walking distance of the shops, so I've cut down on my driving too.

2. You mentioned you were writing your grandfather's memoir. How is that going?

Unfortunately, the answer is that it isn't going. But I've asked my grandparents to come and visit us in the first quarter of this year to see our new house, and I'm hoping to get started there. I'm quite scared by how big a project it actually is, and if anyone has advice on how to tackle it, I'd be grateful. So far I have a set of questions I'd like to ask and some draft chapter ideas, but that's it.

Right, I'll answer the next questions next week, so come back then to find out how it "took a slap" for TSC and I to find love and other random stuff.

And have a great weekend. Here's a funny for you:


boldly benny said...

Great answers and great to see that you're doing so much for the environment. I am mega impressed!
I don't have much experience with book writing but from a writer's point of view, I often tell people who want to write about something but don't know where to start or where the story is, to start with some basic questions. From there you'll see what you want to pursue and from there, your plot should start coming through.
So for what it is worth, I think you're on the right track!

phillygirl said...

Wow yeah, I'm also completely impressed at how much you're able to do for your carbon footprint! And with your complex for providing a recycling service!

Good luck with the memoir :)

Kitty Cat said...

Wow, well done on your steps to reducing your carbon footprints. That's great.
Wow, writing your grandfather's memoir is a huge task. Sorry I have no help on that, I would be overwhelmed.

dizzblnd said...

That's Awesome! Very impressive. Most of us need bigger shoes.. not you! :)

Dash said...

wow! grandfather's memoir! i've always wanted to do that. it never occurred to me that i actually could though. power to you though! I have one grandfather still alive and I should approach him about it while he's still with it.

The other one died a few months ago and ironically I did ask him, but he wasn't interested. convinced that he had not lived a very interesting life, and definitely didn't want to dredge up war memories that were buried very deep. Maybe I can do it based on other people's impressions of him.

Sass said...

Great post! I love learning about my "blogging buddies."

The memoir sounds like such a wonderful're blessed to have him here to even discuss it with him.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend. ;)

Shania said...

Great answers! Can't wait to read the rest.

As for the memoir, I have some family tree software that may have some ideas. I'll give it a look and let you know.

Shania said...

Great answers! Can't wait to read the rest.

As for the memoir, I have some family tree software that may have some ideas. I'll give it a look and let you know.

Caz said...

So impressed with you lady! Going to try make my own chilli/garlic pesticide.

Louisa said...

I love the idea of growing my own veggies! I saw this thing on TV a while ago where you can get/make this special contraption to keep earth worms in. Then you whack in the garden refuse and plant matter at the top and about a week later compost comes out the bottom. And it has a tap on the side, where you can drain off what is known as worm tea (it's actually worm pee).

Apparently it makes a very good fertiliser and bugg repellant.

Jeanette said...

well done with all the recycling you're doing!

Slyde said...

oh, what a great idea... i'd love to be able to write my grandfathers memior as well...