Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Photo post, at long last

Yes - I finally remembered to bring my camera and its cable to work. And so, voila - a few holiday snaps:

Coffee Beans growing on the Sabie Valley coffee farm:

Lisbon Falls near Graskop:

A tree that I just liked:

TSC holding our "holiday cats". They appeared on the first day and spent every day with us, sleeping on the beds at night too. I really wished I could've taken them home. I named them Liquorice and Milktart for their colouring.

The Pinnacle, near Graskop. Check out the mist!

I'll probably bore you with a few more snaps now that I've saved the pics to my PC.

Btw... For a good laugh: read this post at FutureBackwards!


Being Brazen said...

Pretty pictures. Love the tree one.

Louisa said...

Oh those are lovely photos! You can bore me with some more of that any time.

phillygirl said...

Did you visit the Coffee Farm? (their website is full of info but none of the stuff I was looking for) Can you stay there? Is it more of a day-visit sort of place? More information please :)

Pics are very cool, bring 'em on!

31337 said...

lovely shots. i do so love the one of the tree.

Anonymous said...

Awesome photies! I wish I was still on holiday......WAHHHHHHHHH!

Anonymous said...

yay picture post!!!

I love your scenic picture (especially the tree). Lisbon Falls is beautiful! Stunning actually. It's breath taking. Your pic of the Pinnacle is stunning.

Thank God for internet access at work!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Photos!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Photos!

Sass said...

I love the picture of the cats.

Love all the pictures, actually!

Dash said...

wow! I like the fog and the falls. I love how nature can do that stuff! Keep them coming!

Shania said...

Gorgeous pictures. I love seeing other locales.

Laura said...

That is such a beautiful part of the country! I love it!!!!

Lovely photos!

po said...

Ooh nice pics, that rock looked good :)

Those cats are so beautiful I want one!

The Jackson Files said...

Pretty pictures, pretty lady.

Jeanette said...

Oh WOW at the tree shot. Love the clouds behind it.

Tamara said...

Brazen: Thanks ;-)

Louisa: Watch out - I just may!

Philly: Info in your inbox :-)

31337: Ta very much.

Sleepy: You and me both.

Paula: Amen!

Reeder: Thanks. And thanks again!

Sass: I miss those cats!

Dash: I wish I could capture the smell and feel of that thick fog in a photo.

Shania: Me too. I plan these fabulous holidays in my head. Let's hope we both get to see lots of new places.

Laura: Isn't it just? It feeds my soul to be there.

Po: Me too! I've never seen such affectionate animals in my life.

Jackson's Mom: *Blush* Thanks ;-)

Jeanette: Thanks - your praise means a lot, little miss photographer ;-)

Dash said...

i could take a photo of my morning fog - but i don't think it has the same impressiveness about it - it has an oppresiveness, but that's hardly a beautiful thing.

acidicice said...

Beautiful pics! Looks like you had a great holiday :)

angel said...

i LOVE the one of the tree, and the one of lisbon falls- wow!

Anonymous said...

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