Wednesday, 24 March 2010

One-line movie reviews

Me on the movies I've seen lately, some in cinema and some on DVD. Before you read, please register for Earth Hour (see banner above) if you haven't already. Ta.

The Blind Side

This was sweet, moving and enjoyable, despite being very Hollywood sanitised, and I was glad to have seen it.

It's Complicated

This took me by surprise and turned out to be far funnier than I had expected (thanks to the actors rather than the plot), especially seeing it was directed by the same person who churned out that truly awful film, Something's Gotta Give.

Fifty Dead Men Walking

Totally miserable and morbid, this may have been a good film, but by the end of two hours I was past caring and was contemplating jumping off a bridge.

Young Victoria

An enjoyable, if some what protracted (aren't they always) period drama.

Valentine's Day

If you don't think too hard about it and you watch it at the end of a long day when your brain is off-duty, this candyfloss film is not soooo bad.


This film took a long time to get nowhere and although the journey wasn't unpleasant, it wasn't particularly memorable either.

Next on my list to see: Alice in Wonderland and Shutter Island.

Films I will not be seeing: Saw 6 and An Education (thanks DBAWIW)


phillygirl said...

Alice wasn't all that, but I'd still say you gotta watch it ;) Apparently Shutter Island isn't quite what it portrays itself to be in the trailer, but I'm still keen to go see it. Off to see The Box tonight.

Saw 6 I'll save for dvd although they haven't been as brilliant as the first one in a long long time! Now it's more about watching just in case they're good, but *never* on big screen, thanks. I prefer it to be day-time or have all the lights on in my house for those sorts of movies.

Btw. what's your opinion on 3D ??

Hardspear said...

Thanks for the reviews. Yea Meryl Streep can save any mediocre movie. Prime was one of them (Though Uma Thurman is always good to look at!)

Shayne said...

Tomorrow when I go into town I am taking out movies!

Feel so left behind living in the boonies as I rarely get to see current movies at the Cinema.

On my list of must sees is Redemption Rd and Ugly Truth.

Looking forward to seeing it's complicated too actually. LOVE meryl streep.

Tamara said...

Philly: Ja, my folks saw Shutter Island (not their usual type of flick) and loved it, so now I'm curious. I thought it was a horror, but seeing it's apparently more of a thriller I'm keen to see it. As for 3D, I don't mid it, but I can't be bothered to pay the extra to see a film in 3D just becuase it's the latest fad.

Hardspear: I thought Prime was awful, despite Meryl. I don't get why people think Uma is attractive either - she looks like a giraffe. If I were a guy, I'd pick someone like Jennifer Connelly over Uma any day. But seeing I'm a chick, I'll stick with George Clooney ;-)

Shayne: Hehehe... at least you have a choice available when you get DVDs. TSC and I take about 45 minutes to find something we haven't seen and want to see. I must admit, neither of thsoe movies are on ym list to see, but I'd be interested to hear what you think of them.

Cam said...

Please let us know how Alice in Wonderland was?! Have no desire to see any of those...

Getting Legless with Lorna said...

ditto to cam

Anonymous said...

I like one line reviews. Honestly I wanted to watch Valentines Day to switch off. Is it that bad though? Because even when I "switch off" my brain is fairly active. Like do you mean switch off as in "just believe everything that happens and it won't be that bad" switch off or like... go brain dead. Or is it sappy bad?

I wanna watch It's Complicated though... looks fun

Damaria Senne said...

Planning to watch Alice in Wonderland.

DBAWIW said...

hahah, I think I have a bit of a thing about 'An Education' now. Ah well. I loved 'Shutter Island'. A truly marvellous psychological horror. Do see it!

angel said...

I'm dying to see the first two!