Tuesday, 2 March 2010

It is my brother's 21st this month

Can't believe the little bugger's all grown up. I still think of him as my little brother, even though he's all attitude and facial hair these days.

He's having a party with the family in a few weeks time and I want to get him something special. He's not very sentimental, but I still think a 21st present should be something that will last. He bought me a beautiful necklace for my 21st back in the day, which I still adore and wear often. But boys are difficult. He doesn't wear jewellery. His hobbies are computers, his car, occasionally golf (although he's not a regular or dedicated player by any means), wake-boarding and drinking rum ;-)

Any ideas on a suitable gift for him?


Anonymous said...

A nice watch?

Voucher to computer store :P nah...

Cash is always nice

Cam said...

They grow up so fast!

Anonymous said...

Vouchers work best in my mind. But you want something that will last him? hmmm. I got my dad a golf club cover that he is attached too. I guess you should find something that they are passionate about and give them something along those lines?

angel said...

Hhmmm... an engraved watch?

Slyde said...

happy birthday, bro!

as another computer junkie, get him a gift certificate to a local electronics store!

Meriel said...

what about a nice notebook bag - longlasting, really practical and will think of you everyday. Incredible Connection has some gorgeous designs.

phillygirl said...

If you like Meriel's idea, Wren has a gorgeous new laptop bag! http://thewrendesign.com/2010/02/24/the-ppc-cement-laptop-bag/

Tamara said...

Anon: He'd just spend cash on rum and Coke. Not very memorable. Especially if you overdo it on the rum ;-)

Cam: It makes me feel ancient!

Paula: That's what I'm looking for. The trouble is his major passion is hitting on hot chicks ;-)

Angel: Great idea, but don't think my budget will stretch that far.

Slyde: he won't be able to get much with what we can afford to give. He has expensive taste!

Meriel: What a brilliant idea!

Philly: That bag is AWESOME! I might get one for me, although I don't think it's his style.