Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Happy 21st birthday, Justin

It's my brother's birthday today. We had his party on Saturday night at Prosopa and it was lovely. The restaurant is beautiful. We were in a curtained off area and the service was good, the food divine. Greek salad, spanakopita, fried brinjal, keftedes and dips were served as starters. I picked the prawn curry as a main and the Lindt chocolate mousse for dessert. Divine! Hats off to my folks for organising the event and to my mom no her speech that was just the right balance between touching and embarrassing.

In honour of my bro on his birthday, here are 10 things I love about him:
  • He gives amazing hugs.
  • He's incredibly loyal.
  • He shares my twisted sense of humour.
  • Although we fight like cat and dog, I know that if someone else were to threaten me, he'd have my back.
  • He's a very good teacher (he has given me a squash lesson or two and has helped TSC with maths).
  • He believes in me (despite not having read much of my work, he tells me I'm a good writer).
  • He lets me call him Schmee.
  • If I ask him to, he will generally give me a hand with whatever I need - whether it's carrying something heavy or procuring the latest series of How I Met Your Mother.
  • Although he's allergic to cats, he loves them and he will get down on the floor to play with my Marble and Sapphire. It's cute.
  • He makes an effort to get along with TSC and I love to listen to them chatting about cars or engineering together.


Bagman and Butler said...

What a great birthday present this post is. Happy Birthday, Justin.

Hardspear said...

Ahhh... Family... Siblings... Birthdays...

Cam said...


From, Cam.

momcat said...

Happy Birthday Justin. Here's hoping your family will get to spend many many many more birthday celebrations together.

Damaria Senne said...

Many blessings to you, Justin and the rest of your family.

Shayne said...

Ok, blogger just lost my comment!

Stunning post, one to be tabled somewhere and brought out at his 40th.

Lindt Mousse? YUMMY!

Slyde said...

your brother has never ONCE wished ME a happy birthday, so the heck with him!

po said...

Cool post! I want to write a post about my sister too, it's her birthday soon, so maybe I will then.

Angel's Mind said...

Happy happy birthday to your bro!
What did you decide on as a gift in the end?