Monday, 1 March 2010

Weekend lessons

The weekend was not as planned. But here's what I learnt:

  • When booking a weekend away next time, it would be wise to check whether it's a mid-term break for schools or not. Holiday spots are busy during mid-term breaks.
  • My GPS, Gloria, does not know everything. Sometimes she is a spiteful cow and makes us drive in circles.
  • You can be all set up in your nice allocated campsite next to good people and thinking life is grand only to have it ruined by a car full of revolting, noisy, drunken, loud, epically foul-mouthed brats who pitch their tent next to yours and play rubbish music at full volume until 3am.
  • Talking to such brats will only result in quiet for 30minutes after the conversation. Then, magically, they will forget everything you've said and continue as before.
  • People who don't know how to behave in public should not be allowed out. Especially people who think it's ok to leave dirty diapers lying on the lawn next to the swimming pool when they leave.
  • I am only a people person when I am surrounded by pleasant people. Otherwise, I am very intolerant.
  • Rules without consequences are only good advice. And not likely to be followed by Joe Public.
  • Moving your tent to the opposite end of camp, far away from all amenitites and other people, may secure you the peace and quiet you have been craving. Good red wine also helps.
  • TSC and I can have fun together despite imperfect conditions.
  • There are few things in the world as refreshing as ice cold, homemade gingerbeer from a farm stall.
  • I can cook a mean red curry on a camp stove.
  • I love my home. It is the first place since we've been married where TSC and I have had our own garden and not shared bedroom walls with someone else. It is very, very precious to me and I love heading home after being away, even just for two days.
  • If I am writing and I am in "the zone", I do not like to be interrupted, even by my darling TSC. It is difficult to pick up where I left off after being distracted.
  • I may write better poetry when I am miserable, but my fiction comes more easily when I'm happy. Go figure.
  • It is important to set boundaries and to say 'no' to people. I will probably need to learn this lesson over and over again.


Damaria Senne said...

Glad you and TSC enjoyed yourself despite imperfect conditions. How much red wine does it take to mute out noise from brats?

Anonymous said...

ewwwwww @ the dirty diapers, gosh some people!

I've just started on my own vegetable garden! it helped reading about yours, I figured I'd give it a try, sooooo excited!

Laura said...

Our GPS was named Lola but she was so spiteful and mean to us :( She may have even made me cry a few times so we disconnected her :-p

Argh I hate people like that - makes me very aggro!!

po said...

Hmmm, camping with obnoxious neighbours, sounds familiar. Earplugs may be the only solutions

Cam said...

I read all that then someone distracted me now I have to go read it again. :D

Anonymous said...

crumbs that sounds crumby, but still like you enjoyed yourself somewhat. :D Writing sounds brilliant though- without distractions, of course- it must be fun.

angel said...

I think saying no is a lesson we all need to learn over and over again.
I am glad you enjoyed your weekend despite the crappy neighbours.

Helen said...

Sounds like an interesting weekend... I'm glad you had fun despite it all! And wow on the cooking curry on a camp-stove!

Tamara said...

Damaria: I never thought I'd say this, but there's isn't enough wine in the world ;-)

Anon: Yay for your veggies! I hope you fall madly in love with gardening. It's addictive (just ask Damaria)!

Laura: I've threatened Gloria that I'll reverse the car over her, but that would leave me even more lost, so I won't ;-)

Po: Nope. A far better solution would be disconnecting their car battery *evil grin*.

Cam: Sorry, dude. Hope it was a pleasant distraction.

Paula: Yes, fun, nerve-wracking, confidence destroying... it's all that.

Angel: Glad I'm not alone!

Helen: I love the camping stove - gas is so much easier!