Friday, 12 March 2010

Would like your opinion...

I have a friend who runs a lingerie and feamle entertainment company. She offers everything from pole dancing bachelorette parties to boudoir photography shoots, cocktail shaking lessons, adult toy evenings, salsa or Burlesque dancing, lingerie parties and workshops on style, etiquette and posture. She is very strict about keeping it upmarket and tasteful and steers clear of the sleazy stuff. She is now considering doing a roadshow to some of South Africa's smaller towns that "need a little excitement". Women would buy a ticket for roughly R150 to attend the all-female event. There would be light refreshments, a presentation on boosting your confidence and "spicing up your love life" with lingerie and adult toys and each woman would have the chance to get three sexy photos taken in a professional mini-shoot. The lingerie and toys would be available for sale afterwards. She's done an event like this in Sasolburg and says it was very successful.

This is her big idea. But before she starts pitching it, she'd like to gauge interest. So, what do you folks think? Would it work? Would you be keen? Do you think it's a good idea or too in-your-face?

I'm going to print out the comments I get for her feedback, so let's hear it.

Have a good weekend!


Cam said...

Tam - my opinion means nothing. But those little dorppie towns may need some sexing up, but I think a big floppy dildo will go down like a very off boerie roll if you ask me.

They like ban Desperate Housewives there...these are proper dorps where 9pm is very late and backing aprons are sexy enough...just saying.


po said...

I think my opinions mean very little too. I would never go to one of these things unless I was going with a group of people who wanted to, you know peer pressure and all that. I wouldn't go of my own choice. But I'm sooooo boring. I hope some more exciting people give you some feedback asap!

momcat said...

I went to one a party held at the house of the mom of one of my daughter's friends. It was quite fun but did get a bit raunchy later on in the evening when they brought in the (male) stripper! My opinion is: I'm with Cam. The dorpie's are VERY conservative. And how would she get people to the party. Just the advert alone would put people off. They wouldnt want to admit that they went to a party like that (and then go the church on Sunday - no thanks). I think she is going to waste time and energy trying to promote these products in the small towns.

Forever Feline said...

They can be fun and I went to something similar with a whole group of girls last year as our monthly outing. It was upmarket and no sleaze which is why we agreed to go. We were able to book tables and have a meal and had a good laugh!
I think it could work but small towns may find R150 a bit steep?

Anonymous said...

I would NEVER go to one of those parties, I'd feel so awkward.
Except for the cocktail shaking, now that sounds like fun.

phillygirl said...

I think it depends on a number of things, most importantly just how small the town is. And also the town's reputation, there are arty places in the Western Cape where this would probably go down a treat, but quite possibly it might not in an uber-Afrikaans town?
I think these sorts of things are great fun for bachelorette parties but I'm not sure that I would ever go to something like that without a group of girl friends along with me.

I dunno, perhaps we're nto the people she should be canvasing ;) Target-market and all ...

Meriel said...

hmmm i live in a dorp and i also wouldn't go.

i would imagine it normally is something set up by one girl who invites her friends or bookclub. not random group who see an advert.

if a friend invited me to her home i would go to be nice but not if it was a free for the general public thing.

Shayne said...

Ok so let me just set the record straight - to all you peoples who live in the 'big cities' and all.

I live in a dorpie. A real dorpie. One set of robots. One grocery store. When you go into the post office you greet the postmaster by name. Same in the bank, grocer, vet - you get my drift.

And yet, we have quite a social life - *gasp*

we have even been to a *sex party* gasp again, where a woman did veyr much what Tam's friend is wanting to do.

Can you believe it - in a dorpie? Who would ever have thought!!!!

But, i do agree with one thing - an ad will never work. It needs to be done on a one on one to organise it.

And to answer Cam - i reckon a big *floppy* dildo would go down like a very off boerie roll in just about most places?

Cam said...

Shayne, Eastern Cape slummies compared to an N.G Kerk Ou Transvaal Klein Stad...where magazines like Cosmo and Fairlady are banned...good luck with that.

Jeanette said...

I've been to a few events like that in JHB... years ago... it was great fun with a few mates.
Not sure about the platteland though

angel said...

I like parties like that!