Monday, 6 October 2008

"Why is it that weekends go by so fast?"

I find myself asking this question every Monday morning as I stumble out of bed and trip over one of my cats (they lie there on purpose, I tell you).

This weekend was good. My folks are back from their holiday and it sounds like they had a great time. We had dinner with them on Friday evening and they showed us all their photos. Jealousy! They brought us a beautiful hand-crafted blue glass bowl that I can't wait to display in the new house, and TSC got a gorgeous belt, some chocolate and a "funny" T-shirt very similar to this:

Unfortunately, none of the shirts they bought me really fit, but my mom found the cutest little brooch. Will have to take a pic and post it.

And my dad, who is the world's greatest car fanatic, gave the thumbs up on the repairs to my Ella*. Which is great, because he didn't actually know that aside from the bumper that got scraped in the pothole, I also had the left side of the car fixed where I scraped it on a pillar in the parkade. I figured that if he didn't notice, I was safe.

Little did I know that my mother had told him about the second incident! All that skulking around for nothing! What a waste of my talents in the sneakiness department.

Truth be told, I'm actually glad he knows. But he doesn't know that I know that he knows. Did you follow that?

Well, I just saw that I have an award from Kitty Cat (yay! Two awards in two weeks), so my Monday is ok thus far. Hope you all have a fabulous week!


Being Brazen said...

Sounds like a good weekend. T-shirt is funny.

Congrats on yet another award :)

sweets said...

love the tshirt!!!

i know that you know that i know that what you mean by saying that... you know what i'm saying?

LOL :)~

Gill said...

Just popping in to catch up on all the posts I missed. Horrified re: the child abuse - I'm so glad you guys were around to help the poor kiddie out!

po said...

Where did your parents go for holidays?

TGI mondays indeed... not.

The Jackson Files said...

I missed the car story. Damn. How long till you move in now? Two months? SO exciting.

Moe Wanchuk said...

That shirt is Freakin Great! I LOVE IT.

If it's a Large, I'll take it.

Just send it to

I know the mailman

angel said...

oh i so know how you feel! i can't wait to see photies of the bowl... i do love glass!

Tamara said...

Being Brazen: It was. And thanks.

Sweets: Yup. I get you ;-)

Gill: Good to have you back. And I refuse to drop that issue.

Po: Prague, Budapest, Split... sigh... so jealous.

TJF: Hoping to move in end of November. Yay!

Moe: You can have it. I will not be impressed when he wear it out with me ;-)

Angel: I'll have to take some snaps for you then.