Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Explanation and stuff

So I was bleak yesterday.

See, I got an email from an ex-colleague, L, who was very upset with me because she thought I'd stolen her story idea. I'd also be upset if I thought someone had hijacked my article proposition, but the truth is that we both happened to suggest the same person as a source for two very different stories. It's more complicated than that, but I'd rather not get into it because it will just bore you and have me in tears.

Anyway, I admire this ex-colleague and was gutted to discover she was cross and hurt because of me, especially seeing I honestly had no idea she would be offended. It came as a huge, out of the blue shock, especially because she informed me that my ex-boss is also hurt and offended. I felt like the time I came flying off my bike on a steep hill, landed on my back on the road and winded myself. My worst feeling in the world is disappointing someone, especially when it's someone I respect and I haven't even known that I'm hurting him or her.

On top of that, my two-year old nephew has been in hospital for a few days with a hectically high temperature. He was fitting and swallowing his tongue, but doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong, even after lumbar punctures and loads of blood tests. Thankfully he's out now and is doing much better, but his parents have driven him to Bloem to have him checked out by a specialist who also doesn't know what's been going on. The conclusion seems to be that it was a virus, so hopefully it's over and gone now.

And then I realised that the company where I work probably won't give us anything extra for Christmas, which means I won't be able to spoil TSC for our anniversary or go away aside from our holiday with my in-laws. Joy.

Then I discovered that I needed to drive out to one of our clients in Meyerton (about an hour and a half's drive) this morning, which hacked me right off, seeing petrol costs a flippin fortune.

But, after arriving home and crying myself to sleep, I awoke to find TSC at home. He cuddled me and took me out for sushi before our church meeting and made me feel so much better. And then I realised that although this feud with L still hurts like hell, my problems could be infinitely worse and that I am blessed to have such an amazing husband, two crazy cats, a wonderful family, fantastic friends and many other good things in my life.

And then the trip today ended up being a really nice break from the office and a fantastic chance to bond with my new colleague, let's call her Icing (seeing she loves nothing better than to frost a cake).

And then I got this in my inbox, which just made me smile:

I've seen it before, but I'm a twisted freak and this never fails to get a giggle out of me.
See y'all tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have time to catch up on my blog reading from today.


Sass said...

I'm glad you're back. And I hate the feeling that you're describing.

I'm so glad you have someone to help bring you back up again. You deserve that. ;)

po said...

Sorry Tamara, hopefully you can sort things out with your ex colleague, considering it was a misunderstanding.

Ches said...

Any reason why they're not giving you bonuses this year? Sounds like you've worked hard enough!

Kitty Cat said...

I really hope your nephew is okay and that he feels all better soon. Sorry you had such a crap day yesterday.

MsBehavn said...

I hope today was a better day for you, Tam.


Miss Caught Up said...

I'm glad you're cheered up! :) The picture is hilarious! :) Thank you for the giggle :)

Shania said...

I hope the nephew is better soon. Nothing worse than a sick child. And surely if you explain about the article, they'd understand?

angel said...

oy... i am so so sorry you've had a bit of a hard time t!

phillygirl said...

aw, that does not sound like a fun day. It sounds like you were far from at fault, but sometimes people don't seem to be able to take that step back and see it from someone else's perspective other than their own. Often they're just looking for someone to blame :( Sorry it was you.

Holding thumbs for your nephew and glad you're feeling more upbeat about things today :)

boldly benny said...

Shame love, that's a very heavy load for one person to carry!

I'm sorry about the difficulty with your ex-colleague. I also hate disappointing people. I remember after I left my first job where I had worked so hard they phoned me and accused me of stealing footage. As arb as the accusation was I was devastated that I had worked so hard and that is what they thought of me. I eventually worked it out but it was not not fun!

I'm glad your nephew is on the mend - I'd be BESIDE myself!

Finally, if it makes you feel any better my company doesn't believe in bonuses so I'm getting NADA come year-end!

Glad your hubby knew just what to do to pick you up. Hope the rest of your week is fabulous!

Tamara said...

Once again, thanks to everyone. You are all incredibly awesome and my life is richer for knowing you, even if we've never met in person ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you've had a rough time of it Tam! {{HUG}}

Gill said...

Geez Tamara, you have been having a really lousy run of it! I hope your little nephew is fully recovered and will pray that the misunderstanding gets sorted out soon. Hang in there {hugs}

Ruby said...

oh hunny:( That is the most aweful feeling in world!!! I'm the same way(can you say carbon copy), i hate disappointing people, and i'm gutted for weeks trying to figure out a way to fix it.

Thank goodness for your fabulous husband and all the other blessings in your life. It doesn't make the hurt any less, but at least it evens the playing field:)


Arkwife said...

Awe hun!! Thank God for giving us silver linings. I hope this all blows over fast :-)

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