Wednesday, 29 October 2008


TSC did not sleep well last night. Which means that I did not sleep at all last night, between his tossing and turning, kicking me, trying to cuddle with me (it's flipping hot here at the moment so spooning is not an option) and generally being a pain in the bum. Plus, I am not feeling well. My stomach does not appreciate the KFC I fed it yesterday at all.

As such, my creativity today is faring as well as the world economy and I cannot think of anything vaguely witty or interesting to post about. So I'll leave you with another random meme I was tagged to do. Like most others, you have to write random facts about yourself and, seeing I have a never-ending store of randomness, I don't mind if I've done it before. So here goes:

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That would be Sass

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3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
  • My name means palm tree in Hebrew. Go figure.
  • I don't do designer labels or brands. I'd rather buy five cheap shirts that I can chuck out when I'm bored with them than one designer item that will cost a fortune and that I'll probably stain the first time I wear it. I'm the ultimate bargain shopper.
  • I have a dream of having a room in my house with triple volume ceilings and padded walls with a floor made entirely of a big trampoline. Is that weird? Yup, I'm sure it is. But seriously, how COOL would that be?
  • I like health foods. Not all of them, but I prefer seed bread to the white store-bought bread, which doesn't taste like anything. I can't handle full cream milk - it's too rich for me. And I'd take a chicken salad over a burger any day of the week. I guess I was brought up eating relatively healthily and so that's what I'm used to. TSC is the complete opposite and it was honestly one of the biggest areas we struggled with when we started dating.
  • I prefer even numbers to odd ones. Unless the odd number is a multiple of five. Those are ok too. My radio volume is always set on an even number or a number ending with five and when I need to do something, for example get up from my desk and print photocopies, I wait until the time on my desktop is on an even number or a five. So not 9.43, but 9.45. Can anyone say OCD?

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No. I respectfully disobey this one. If you want to do this, please go ahead and let me know. But I'm not tagging this time.

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Anonymous said...

LOL the last one is a tad ocd!! I had a friend who would count her steps and she had to end in a prime number or something like that!!!

Must say I much prefer health food over take out!!!

Kitty Cat said...

You are so lucky you actually like healthy stuff! I am trying to switch over to health bread now and hating it. It's so chewy and takes forever to eat! Miss my lovely soft white bread.

Being Brazen said...

Heehee...Love the padded room with trampoline idea.

Yss, you have a bit of OCD, but dont we all.

boldly benny said...

Ha ha I LOVE your trampoline room idea. Now imagine if the walls were covered with velcro and you wore a special suit and could jump and stick to the walls... haha! Too much?

ExMi said...

i have a similar name, and the whole palm tree thing also weirds me out a little!

po said...

I love that trampoline room idea! Can I steal your dream?

Slyde said...

i didnt sleep well last night either.. you should have called me.

of course i dont think our nights exactly sync up, so that probably wouldnt have worked out too well.

Ruby said...

oooooh i want a room like that tooooooo!!!!!!!!!!Can i come visit once you guys have finished your trampoline room???? he he:)

Definitely OCD my friend:)

angel said...

erm... i do believe you only listed 5 things!!?!??