Tuesday, 12 August 2008


My posts are becoming more regular again, and it's not because I have less work. Nope, it's because I'm finally managing to put systems in place for myself. Filing systems, and office routine, and an understanding of which tasks are urgent and which are not.

For someone who's apparently a right-brained, creative, messy and ditzy chick, I have a deep appreciation of systems. Not that you'd guess that if you saw my house. Unlike my boss and my uncle (not the one with the Muslim boyfriend), I do not colour coordinate my socks or arrange my CDs alphabetically (I have given up on the latter, seeing TSC insists on leaving CDs scattered around the house after use), and my cupboard is a total disaster zone (I have also given up on this, seeing I have no cupboard space and it's my cats' favourite place to play). The spare bedroom (what a misnomer!) is completely filled with beads, scrapbooking stuff, mosaicing equipment, my drum kit and sewing machine, and various other clutter. There's no room to get through the door, let alone fit a spare bed.

But, at work, I am Little Ms Anal. I colour coordinate my to do list items according to urgency, I make endless lists, and I separate all emails into neat sub-folders. I need things on my desk to be set at right angles, and I cannot work when there's a pile of random stuff in front of me - it needs to be sorted out and packed away first.

If any of my colleagues are reading this (de-lurk now if you are!), they probably don't believe a word. But that's because they aint seen nothing yet. Now that I am settled in, the sytems will begin. And by golly, if you mess with the system, you invoke the inner banshee in me.

I am, as Boss Chick puts it, a segmented person. The voices in my head verify this. What about you? Do you split your self into different roles? Have those roles grown into their own, fully-developed and entirely opposite personalities? Or am I alone in my multiple personality disorder?

In other news, we have decided to do something simple for the combined birthday event. So we're having a "the-day-before-the-first-day-of-spring" bring and braai on 31 August. Mail me at doodlesofajourno.gmail.com if you would like details. Would love to see y'all!

Postscript: What is up with Blogger?!? It's driving me mental - I publish my post and it doesn't show on my page. And If I type in my address in a new window, the latest post it shows is from last week. Argh!!! When you can see this (if ever), please let me know if you have any clue what's going on.


Glugster said...

It's just a caching thing with blogger. Without getting too technical, just refresh (F5) your page after you have published. Also, pressing Ctrl+F5 refreshes and clears the cache so should sort out your problems.

Tamara said...

Thanks, Glug. I had tried refreshing, but it wasn't working. But clearing the cache sorted it out. You're my hero ;-)

Ruby said...

glug is my tecno hero too:)

ooooh, the party sounds like fun........

Ches said...


Tam...re: blogger, I had the same problem and I discovered (and I think this may be the fault) that some spyware kept cahceing my webpages...drove me mad! Maybe do a spyware scan if you can...

Being Brazen said...

Sorry , My blogger works fine - not sure whats up with yours.

I used to be damn messy and disorganised at home, but organised at work - now it has kind of balanced out and i am actually pretty organised everywhere...but the boyf also had something to do with it (as he is messy), you just cant have two messy people living together..heehee


Slyde said...

i dont think i'd ever classify you as "messy and ditzy"... it doesnt seem to fit your personality..

sleepyjane said...

Oh I definitely have the personalities down pat. I can gauge when I need to be on the ball and when not. So at home I'm super lazy but at work or at someone else's house I'm always helping with something.

Tamara said...

Ruby: So are you coming? Mail me!

Ches: Why, do you?
Thanks, techno hero number 2, for your advice. I've run a scan, but all seems clear. I should mention that my PC is allergic to me, so that could be it.

Being Brazen: I hear you - I'm the tidy one of the two of us. Scary stuff!

Slyde: Awww... *blush* Flattery will get you everywhere ;-)

Sleepy: Yay! I am not alone!

Gill said...

Oh cool, I finally know what's up with me - I'm a segmented person!! Thanks for enlightening me :-) Me at work and me at home are two verrry different people too.

Interesting re: the caching, I am going to go and Ctrl F5 right now.

sweets said...

you colour coordinate? good heavens no mwhahahahahahahahaha

i have a birthday idea for you!!! last year on springday we had a potjie party, everybody had to dress up as Indians and got an Indian name (I was Bindi) it was a legendary party, I'm still known as Bindi hehe... then you have teams to cook the potjies (and everybody in the team decide beforehand what each person will bring along to add to the potjie)

everybody should talk in a indian accent and call each other on their indian names... SO if you throw your name away (directly translated obviously from AS JY JOU NAAM WEGGOOI) then it's not your name... hehe

anyway just an idea, but it was a huge hit!

leez said...

Please publish an example of your schedule planning thingy coz I am seriously strugglung to keep up.

That being said, I need to get my priotities in order and say f*ck work sometimes.

I had the same problem with blogger and the refresh does work bu there are a million other problems. Join the movemenet, make the switch to blogger.

leez said...

I meant WORDPRESS Was typing with one hand and one part of the brain whilst trying to listen to a conversation on the phone. Who said men cant multi task? ;)


p.s. shameless plug: http://myqlc.wordpress.com