Thursday, 7 August 2008

It's my party (well, it will be, I hope)

My birthday is on 20 August, and I'm stuck for a party idea. Over my (soon-to-be) 24 years on this planet, I've done pretty much everything there is to do for a birthday party, from going to the theatre to hiring a double-decker bus, murder mystery, four-elements themed, paintball, make-over / pamper party, purple party, chocolate-making class, braai, weekend away, high tea, night trip to the zoo and everything in between. Can you tell that birthdays are a big deal in my life.

I need something new for this year. BUT, I also need to find a way to cater for my friends who are students, those who have young children and people from church, work and family and that still meets my (basically nonexistent budget). In other words, I don't want to do something that will cost guests a lot of money (like going out for a big sit-down dinner), that costs me too much money, or that is only suitable for small groups. It needs to be suitable for all ages. And, to complicate matters even further, it's TSC's birthday three weeks after mine, so ideally we'd like to have a joint party that will appeal to both my loony friends and his conservative ones.

ANY IDEAS? I'm feeling very uninspired, and the best I can come up with is a madhatter's bring and share at my house, but that really doesn't grab me as hugely exciting.

Please note that all of you whom I read regularly and live in Gauteng (or will be here at the time) are invited!


Ruby said...

We're invited??? awesome!!!! tee hee hee:)

gosh......what to do for your birthday, what to do with your birthday.....i have the same problem every year:( I don't htink i'll be much help, but i'll see what i can come up with:)

Glugster said...

Hmmmm. I wonder what you'll be doing for your 30'th.

Charmskool said...

Oh I never know what to do for my birthday so I just gatecrash the Swiss National Day Celebration - it serves them right using my birthday for their own nefarious purposes. I also think balloons, pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs (put the chairs in a circle and everyone has to dash for them from the centre) and lots of icecream make for a fantastic party if everyone is over 21. Be prepared for injuries tho' the guys play for keeps.

boldly benny said...

You can do cooking lessons at Thai Cafe in Paulshof - it's so much fun and it's only R120 per person and then you get to eat the two-course meal you prepared - it's AWESOME.
However it might not be suit for a huge group. If it's so many people it's probably best to just have it at your house. Alternatively Cafe Sofia in Greenside is pretty awesome - lots of space, delicious tapas and not too pricey!

sweets said...

i have no idea... tough one!

maybe just have an average party this year and save for a big bash for your 25th next year?

i'm such a big help right? lol

phillygirl said...

oh my word, it sounds like you do the most amazing things for your birthdays :) /* jealous */ usually I hate my birthdays ... weird, I know.

And thanks for the invite ;) I'm definitely keen to join! ps. check your doodles gmail already ...

Slyde said...

is Gauteng anywhere near New York? if so, im comming!

p.s. u did a murder mystery? i'm so jealous!

Tamara said...

Ruby: Of course - I would LOVE to meet you in real life!

Glug: I was think of communal skydiving. Keen?

Charm: Well, no nation has yet tried to monopolize my birthday (as far as I'm aware). Balloons and games sounds like fun, except that the maximum number that can fit into my shoebox living room is about six.

Benny: Ah! I knew you'd have ideas. You always do. Maybe I should do a cooking thing for my close girlfriends at Thai Cafe and then a big, joint party braai thing for all TSC and my friends at our place.

Sweets: Not a bad idea, actually.

Philly: Yay! Would be great to have you there (wherever 'there' ends up being!) I think I'll try to have invitations out by Monday. You'll have to let me know when your birthday is so we can brainstrom something fun for the next one!

Slyde: Dude, having you at my party would be the most awesome birthday present ;-) Pity you're on the other side of the world. Why don't you do a murder mystery? It's actually very little admin.

leez said...

Do an Amazing Race themed thing where they have to go all of the city collecting stuff, paying for it out of their own pockets and the final destination is a place predetermined where you have a huge bash with loads of alcohol. You get to keep th items as gifts, of course.

or just don't do anything grand. all yooou need is people, food and liqour.

angel said...

oooh a birthday party invite- thats awesome!!!
how about "breakfast at tiffanys"?

Tamara said...

Leez: Hahahaha... good idea ;-)

Dude... where is your blog?!

Angel: Yes, please come! Tell me more about the breakfast at Tiffany's idea...

leez said...

I've moved!!! . check me out. WARNING: its green.