Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Birthday post

The cake is a lie. Well, no. Not really. The cake is on my desk, so sorry for you if you're not in my office today. Sending you a virtual slice!


phillygirl said...

Happy Happy :) Hope you have a fabulously spoilt day (even if you have to work!) and an amazing year ahead!

Ches said...

Ok ok ok, have your cake and eat it! ;)

Happy heppy hippy Birthday Tam...hope you have a great day!

leez said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

may you have many more quarter of a centuries to come.

Arkwife said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a fabulous day, and an awesome year ahead of you :-)

Ruby said...

Happy birthday sweety pie!!!! Hope the year ahead is filled with blessings and joy! Enjoy your day!!!!

The Jackson Files said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY lovely, pretty girl. I hope you have a wonderful day and that all your wishes come true.

And here are xoxoxo's from Jackson.

sleepyjane said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMARA!!! I hope you have a FANTY day!!! ;)


Gill said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have a wonderful day and get thoroughly spoilt :-)

sweets said...

happy birthday!!!!
i hope you have a GREAT day XXX

angel said...

happily birfdaze to you,
happily birfdaze to you,
happily birfdaze dear tamaaaaaraaaaaaa...
happily birfdaaaaaaaze to youuuuuuuu!!!

hip hip - hooray!!!
hip hip - hooray!!!
hip hip - hooray!!!
hip hip - hooray!!!
hip hip - hooray!!!
hip hip - hooray!!!
hip hip - hooray!!!
hip hip - hooray!!!
hip hip - hooray!!!

erm... sorry- got carried away!!!

Slyde said...

happy birthday, missy!

let me guess.. you're 18 today, right? :)

p.s. the most disturbing thing about that picture is that the cat is holding a mcdonalds coupon..

BecauseIcan said...

oooh.. Happy Happy birthday !! sorry I missed it yesterday..

Was it as fantastic as it should be??

P.S. Wheres my koek.. I waited and waited and waited.. just so's you know..k?

Kit said...

Yay! Happy Birthday for yesterday... Don't go getting all old on us now :)

Hope you had a wonderful day!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday gorgeous Doodles...Happy Birthday to you!!!

Mmmm...the virtual cake slice was delicious! Haha x

AlasMyDear said...

oh wow! happy happy happy birthday!

wishing you a really neat and smooth year ahead - and thanks for all the laughter and happiness you give me when i read your blog!