Friday, 29 August 2008

The long walk to Friday...

Is, at last, over. It has been a rough week and I am super stoked that the weekend has arrrived.

I have as much energy right now as George Bush has common sense, so I won't be posting a long one today.

“Life is a cement trampoline.” —Howard Nordberg. Stolen from SA-Essay's blog, this is my quote for the day.

No, I'm kidding. It's really not so bad ;-) I have stuff to look forward to... picnic on Sunday, spa treatment for hubby and I next weekend (my birthday present from my parents), hubby's birthday next Sunday... And all these good things make the rough stuff okay.

Before I bugger off to spend some quality time with my pillow, a last cry to all those in Gauteng this weekend to join me for my birthday picnic. Mail me if you're keen:

Have a good one!


Slyde said...

birthday picnic? your birthday celebration just keeps on rolling and rolling, doesnt it?

angel said...

sunday's going to be so cool!

Tamara said...

Slyde: This is the same party, dude. It's the original combined one for TSC's bday and mine together. I wish I could stretch out my birthday till Christmas ;-)

Tamara said...

Angel: I hope so! Looking forward to seeing you there.