Sunday, 3 August 2008

Rocking the Daisies Tag

The tag is to blog about the Rocking The Daisies Competition so you can stand a chance to win tickets and an ipod.

Here’s how it works:
1. Blog about the competition, telling us all what you would take with you to the concert.
2. Link to RTD Competition and Digicape (the sponsors)
3. Tag your friends in the post.
4. Register here, tag your name and my name (angel) and copy your blog post onto their website.

The list:
1. TSC. A concert is no fun on your own. Besides, at my height, I may need to sit on his shoulders!
2. Comfy shoes. Self-explanatory.
3. Camera.
4. Sunglasses.
5. Loads of layers of clothing.

Not very exciting, I know. But very practical, you have to admit.

I hereby tag:
Because I Can; Ruby; Supanova; Boldly Benny and Charmskool.


Ches said...

Sunday blogging... :)

A camera is so important. I forgot I carry mine everywhere...taking too many photo's is some of the best ways to re-live an a occasion.

Anonymous said...

haha! Sorry I tagged you but I had so choice. lol

Have a happy monday!!

Slyde said...

lol! sounds like it was a drive-by tagging!

sweets said...

LOL yes very practical!! :)

angel said...

practical indeed! i like it!