Tuesday, 12 May 2009

When you know it's going to be a rough day

I overslept this morning. So I missed my morning exercise. Which means I missed my morning endorphine rush. Which means I was cranky to start with.

As I got in my car I discovered I had a flat tyre. Thankfully, Tuesday is the day that our gardener is here, so he helped me put the spare on.

I was late for work. I quickly printed my status report for our weekly status meeting. JK was off today for study leave so there were only five of us. We went through our status and when we got to Icing, my current best office friend who recently resigned, Boss asked about how our new business cards are coming along. Icing said she needed to know what job titles Boss wanted the new recruits to have on theirs and Boss told her. Then she said, "Oh, and remember to make your title senior account exec."

We all looked at each other. Ummm... She's resigned. Business cards will no longer be necessary.

Denial much?

Chips left the office at noon for her 3D pregancy scan, leaving me, Boss, Icing and Roo. Icing decided to confront Boss about her resignation. Boss left the office.

I finished typing the nth email begging my client to send me the information I need to get her company a big, impressive placement and went to the nearest wheel and tyre place to have my mammoth puncture repaired (there was a friggin roof nail embedded in my tyre. Dunno where that came from).

An hour and a half later I got home to write this post. Now it's off to make supper, squeeze in some freelance work, phone a difficult client and head off to a church meeting (one of three this week).

Yet another "challenging" Tuesday (to put it politely).

How's yours been?


Louisa said...

Nowhere near as exciting as yours.

Got up, had breakfast, wondered if new firm would contact me today about an actual project, had a bath, studied a bit, got distracted by non-Unisa books, had lunch, got called to come collect laptop for imminent project work, came home again and studied some more.

How come you have so many church meetings in one week?

Slyde said...

if it makes you feel any better, my day hasnt been much brighter...

misery loves company, eh?

Laura said...

I had a crap day! Nothing really happened but it was crap!

Helen said...

I'm so sorry! I hope you have a better day tomorrow! I'll be thinking happy thoughts for you!

po said...

You made me tired just reading this. Poor Tamara!

Caz said...

shame lady! that sounds ROUGH! What's happening with the other one - who sent around her cv and copied in her boss by mistake? rough

angel said...

My week was pretty placid at work. My evenings were hectic though.