Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Follow my leader


How many blog followers do you have (if you have a blog)? And does that figure mean anything to you?

I try really hard not to obsess about how many people are following my blog. I usually fail miserably, even though I tell myself that I would keep on blogging if I had no comments and no followers at all. I do believe this is true. It just wouldn't be quite as much fun ;-)

But then I visit some blogs that I personally think are quite yawn-inducing but seem to have gazillions upon trillions upon zillions of followers. And I have to ask, "What on earth makes people read this blog?"

Now before any of you take undue offence, if I have ever commented on your blog, you are not in the above category. I don't comment on blogs I think are stupid.

And if I have not commented on your blog, it might not be because I think it's dull either. It may be that a) you are a lurker and I don't know you have a blog or that you even exist; b) I have been battling to update my feeds list on my new PC and you are still in my queue of blogs I'm trying to get to; c) your brilliance intimidates me and I lurk on your blog rather than leaving a daft comment that might embarrass me.

With that cleared up... I also ask myself why anyone would bother reading this here blog. I think the answer is the same reason I read blogs... either they're well written or funny or moving or I just like getting a glimpse into someone else's life.

But whatever your reason for reading this is, please hang around - I love having you here ;-)


Being Brazen said...

I read your blog because i like how honest and real it is :)

I dont like to think the amount of followers i have is a reflection of how good my blog is.

I dont know why some people read my blog sometimes either, but i like that some people do - it makes it more fun and interactive :)

Champagne Heathen said...

Ha! I am taking extreme offence that you find my blog extremely random!... no, wait, today it really was...

I definitely have no idea what the nature of the popular blog is anymore, considering how some people are "enjoyed" so much more than others.

I definitely think that there is a herd mentality in the blogging world on having to follow certain blogs & have them on your link list - cause then you're cool and you 'get' that person's blog. I am at peace with having a handful of people passing by my blog these days and why I write, AND why I read who/ what I read!

po said...

I have gotten good at ignoring the followers, since most of them never comment, I figure they probably aren't reading anyway!

No worries about followers, a few dedicated friendly readers is all we need!

Helen said...

I try to ignore it, because having readers isn't the reason that I blog. At the same time I love getting comments and having little dots appear on my map!

I guess I like to feel that people enjoy it even though I really don't alter my writing for a potential audience, I just write like I talk (fast, and with bad spelling!)

And I love your blog, its very accesible - I feel like I know you, understand what you're feeling and talking about, which is very very rare in a blog that is also so incredibly entertaining! Ten points to you!

Jeanette said...

LOL, I lurk a lot. must say that i don't read all posts that people post in depth, but if I have something to say I'll comment.

Laura said...

Honestly I have no idea how many readers I have! I know my ranking cos of the little banner but thats it!

It doesnt bother me too much but when a post gets no comments I do cry a little on my own in the corner!

angel said...

I comment on just about everything I read- I've never been a lurker anywhere... and if comments are closed or something, I'll prolly email the blogger instead.
My followers are further down my sidebar than I can see them without going to look, and if I do gain one I go and visit to see what they're about.

Glugster said...

I have noticed it as well. The fact that certain blogs which I find amazingly dull, happens to have a huge number of comments and visitors. Could it just be that my taste differs significantly from the masses?

Don't worry, your blog does not fall into the boring category for me.

Dash said...

I don't use the'follow feature at all, i think putting someone in my blogroll is enough.

I get the feeling that only blogger 'get' the commenting thing. I don't have a great comment turnout which is kind of annoying, cos if i didn't want feedback and other people' advice on my issues then I would just keep a journal. The point of blogging to me is sharing emotions and thoughts with other people (even if I don't know them in real life).

although I don't have a great comment turnout I do know that friends and family read my blog which is good when I am so far away from them. and I guess i like that too.

AndI only tend to comment if I have something to say on the issue, i won't do it just for the sake of it.

GreekGeek said...

Lol - ok, I'll finally fess up as a lurker here, something totally unfair since you actually commented on my blog! =) But I will admit that I don't really get the "follower" thing. I care more about whether I've managed to garner comments or not - remarkably hypocritical since I generally tend to lurk! But for me comments let me know whether I've captured people's fancy.

I like your blog - it has that combination of honesty and humor to make it worth coming back for. Keep it up and know I'm lurking rather than following! ;-)

Anonymous said...

so many people write. so few write nice.

i love to read the writing as much as the story.

Anonymous said...

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