Thursday, 28 May 2009

Assorted stuff

I am typing from my bed again. Not, I may add, because I have taken another sick day (although I do still feel miz), but because our internet and email at work are down. Again. Because of Telkom.

I know that I have cursed Telkom in the past, but today I am glad that at least my ADSL line at home is working. While the office is down, at least I can still download my work mail at home, research online and communicate with clients. And I can do it all from under my duvet!

If I didn't feel so crappy and sick, I'd probably be celebrating ;-)

TSC is writing a big test today, so he'll be home early. I've made him sick too, bad me. I'm looking forward to an evening of just vegging and hopefully getting better together (although you know what admin sick men are, so it may not turn out that way. Hehehe).

We had our church life group last night, I was helping present the "Get Connected" evening (for people considering church membership) the night before that, and Monday night was spent tidying up the house after the baby shower I hosted on Saturday.

Which reminds me... My friend had her baby yesterday evening, on her husband's birthday. Little Ryan was only due on 16 June, but decided to arrive early and make his daddy's day. He's a healthy 3.34kg and 48cm long. Both his parents still feel like they're in a dream. So do I - it's so weird to think of our buddies as parents!

I jokingly told Ryan's dad, Richard, that he'll never get all the glory on his birthday ever again, because Ryan will always take precedence. He smiled and answered, "Yes - but at least now I'm guaranteed cake every year!"

Good point, that. Hmmm... cake... It's lunchtime. Off to heat up my curry then.


Damaria Senne said...

Sounds like you've had a hectic time.
I envy you your ability to work in bed. I work from home, but somehow I have to get up, wash and dress, eat breakfast in order for my business brain to kick in. Even when it's cold. Or raining. Huh!

Ches said...

Sick of Telkom and Flu Sick together sound terrible!

I'd rather have the flu...

Slyde said...

your friend is going to have it easy come birthday time. Only 1 day to remember for the whole darn family!

Susan said...

Your Internet problems seem like mine. But you've got it covered.

Congrats on new baby in life. They are something.

PS thanks for letting me I could make you laugh. That made my day!

Helen said...

Working from bed sounds fantastic!

angel said...

Aaaw... are you feeling better yet?

Anonymous said...

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