Monday, 11 May 2009

Tribute to mom

In honour of Mothers Day yesterday, here are a dozen random things I love about my mom:

  • She is the most generous person I know. Seriously. The other weekend we went to pick up something in town and there was a thin, hungry-looking stray dog wandering around. She drove to the nearest shop to buy it food and made sure it had enough to eat before she carried on with her errands. This is nothing unusual - I could tell so many stories similar to this one, whether they involve homeless people, animals in need, kids or anyone with a problem.
  • She plays the drums. How cool is that?
  • She hands her clothes down to me (she has good taste and a great style, so I love that).
  • She has a deep faith and is always trying to find out more about God and what He's like - she doesn't just settle for what a priest / church person tells her.
  • She is loyal like no one else I know. If it were me, I would've told a few people in her life where to get off, but she loves them despite their issues and behaviour and their lives are better for it (that includes me).
  • She listens to me, even when I whine.
  • She has accepted TSC 100% as part of the family and treats him like her son (that means he gets teased like everyone else too).
  • I adore her quirky sense of humour. It so runs in the family.
  • She's quick to share her knowledge if it will benefit others (whether it's helping me with my gardening issues or re-visiting her maths to assist my brother with his).
  • She mixes words up and calls anything and anyone thing-a-me, thingey-majig, whats-it-called, thingey-mabob, whats-his-face or some other variant. It's cute. She and my gran can have entire conversations made up of these words and still understand each other.
  • She has learnt to hug me. She's never been the touchy-feeley type of mom, but she's learnt to physically demonstrate love to her two touchy-feeley kids. I appreciate that.

What random things do you love about your mom?


Laura said...

How lovely! She sounds like loads of fun :)

And how cool that she plays drums!!!

Gill said...

What a lovely post! Your mom sounds like a darling.

Jeanette said...

What a cool post!! Love the drums thing... and the hugging is too special!

Slyde said...

my mom hands her clothes down to me too...

its..... awkward.

angel said...

I love the text messages I get from my mom telling me she loves me and she's proud of me.

boldly benny said...

Ha ha ha ha I love slyde's comment!

Your mom sounds super! I just adore my mom, in fact I get REALLY irritated when people try to "mommy" me because I already have a really fab mom!