Monday, 18 May 2009

All over the show

That's how I feel. Let me moan about it and then I'll be cheerful again, I promise (all in one post too!)

I have worked late every night since last Wednesday for a VERY difficult freelance client who hired me to refresh her web copy and now expects me to actually make over her business strategy - not what I quoted her to do! I don't mind working overtime when it's necessary, but not for something I'm not being paid to do!

In between that nonsense I have a magazine feature to finish and only one of my interviewees has responded within the deadline I gave. I had a rush job last week that had to take precedence over everything else and I've been trying to coordinate around 50 people's schedules for our new duty roster at church (we had to recruit new teams for the second evening service we've launched).

My day job is really frustrating right now because of all the politics. At the moment we're at the place where people are being nasty about each other in front of our suppliers, which in my opinion is just plain unprofessional.

I actually haven't had a free night since last Saturday and I'm pretty close to choosing violence as the best way of coping. Or maybe collapsing in a teary, snotty heap - I'm not sure which is the most attractive option right now. All this stress is making me grumpy, unproductive (funny how that works) and forgetful. I feel like I'm constantly dropping the ball.


And it's a big 'but' (capital letters, y'know)...

I had moments of great happiness this weekend:

  • Seeing the fabulous Angel and awesome Glug for our church quiz night on Friday (which was such fun, even though our team did appallingly)
  • Heading to Pretoria to visit two of my closest friends (who were my bridesmaids) for their birthday dinner on Sat (especially since one of them has been out of the country for the past six months)
  • Finding out that we are going to Zanzibar next month. This was just plain incredible - we asked my folks to book us in at a fabulous hotel they frequent that was having a winter special. They know the manager, so we figured it would be easier. But when we asked them about ti, they said the hotel was fully booked for that weekend, so they'd decided to send us to Zanzibar! OMW... So excited. Are my parents not the coolest people in the world?! I cannot wait to get away from the city, the difficult clients and the cold!

In conclusion, I'm not loving life right now, but I am hanging on thanks to some awesome moments and friends and the anticipation of a long weekend in Zanzibar from my super-amazing folks. Yay!


Anonymous said...

Your parents ROCK!

Sorry your having a frustrating time at work. :( *sending hugs and positive thoughts*

phillygirl said...

am completely jealous of your break-away to Zanzibar!! Lucky thing ;)

Gill said...

Sorry about the miz time you're having at work, but Zanzibar! Wow!

Being Brazen said...

Not nice to hear about work - everyone goes through those frustrating times.

Im so envious that you going to Zanzibar.

boldly benny said...

How divine about Zanzibar - lucky you and sounds like you definitely have fab parents.

I can relate, I'm also not in the best space and keeping my eyes on my pending trip to Nice to keep me happy!

Hayley said... thats awesome...I am very jealous!

Trying not to kill some people at work here too...mmmmm maybe thats what i need to a week in Zanzibar!

Caz said...

oooh so jealous on the zanzibar story. wow your parents rock!
sorry about work. i feel your pain. bring on the maternity leave!!!

angel said...

It was really cool to see you on Friday again, and we had such a jol!
Sorry bout work... My colleagues are in a similar place right now but for no particular reason. If you really REALLY have to- then whine to each other about your collegues- but don't do so in front of your clients! It simply infuriates me!

po said...

Hang on to those Zanzibar thoughts! A holiday is always good cos it kind of renews your energy and helps you forget at least for a while before you get back into the daily grind.

Wenchy said...

I NEED some parents who want to send me to Zanzibar !!!!!

Glugster said...

Quiz night was indeed great fun. Thanks for inviting us!