Monday, 26 July 2010

(very) brief update

In bullet format:

  • I have been sick
  • I am better now
  • But I still sound like a drag queen
  • Work is crazy - busy ghostwriting a book for a client on a crazy deadline
  • Angel and Neel's wedding was DIVINE (and possibly the biggest blogging community event / Tweet-up in the country)
  • Bloggers are always an interesting bunch to hang out with IRL
  • We are (belatedly) celebrating my gran's 80th birthday with the family on Sunday
  • We have had no water today
  • Am craving a bath
  • I'm very behind on blog-reading and will attempt to catch up soonest.
That is all.


po said...

Wow. Ghostwriting a book. That sounds amazing and difficult. Wow!

Hayley said...

Agree with that is awesome.

Glad you are feeling better.

Alet said...

I hate feeling behind with blog reading.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Shayne said...

Wow, ghost writing a book? You are very clever!

Hope by now the drag queen impersonator has left your house :)

Susan said...

I can relate to it all, especially out of water. We get that a lot too.

Helen said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! Good luck with all the deadlines :)

Dash said...

Should be the title of a movie: Ghostwriter...