Friday, 2 July 2010

Culture collision

At the moment we have the only guests so far that I haven't clicked with staying with us. They are two Chinese Canadian guys - father and son. The dad only speaks Cantonese and doesn't understand a word of English, so the son translates. I found them really awkward when they arrived on Wed, and by Thursday I had decided that nothing we could possibly show them in South Africa would excite them in the least as they seemed set on being unimpressed. But after a home-style SA braai last night, complete with TSC's magic braai broodjies (toasted sarmies made on the fire), they have lightened up a lot and we even sat around the table after dessert (another SA favourite - malva pudding with custard) chatting about our different cultures.

While I work today, TSC has taken them to the Rosebank African Craft Market and then to a dim sum restaurant I found in Illovo (the dad was originally a dim sum chef in Hong Kong, before they moved to Canada, so I'm hoping this place doesn't disappoint). After that, we're heading to Croc World and then they're off to tonight's game at Soccer City.

They leave tomorrow night and then on Sunday TSC and I are off to a warmer part of the country for three days to recuperate before our next (and last) guests arrive for eight days.

I just realised today that tomorrow it will be a full month that we've been hosting visitors. Now I understand why I've been a bit tired!

Off to get some work in before we see the crocs. Have a great weekend and please shout for Ghana at the soccer!


Shayne said...

I hadn't realised that when you said that you were renting out a room, that you would be responsible for all their meals (doff i know) and for actually entertaining them too.

Wow, hats off to you for doing it. Must be quite draining - but fab to meet so many new and different people.

At least you're in the home-stretch now - and hopefully a little wealthier too!

Have a fab time away next week.

Damaria Senne said...

@shayne - mee too. I thought Tamara would probably provide a room and breakfast and that would be it. Congrats on doing this so well, Tam. It sounds exhausting, but also interesting.

Anonymous said...

Wow! It sounds like you guys are fabulous hosts! I don't think I would be able to cope so well with total strangers for so long!
Well done! :)

Tamara said...

Thanks, all. We do offer just a room, and then we put together a little price list for meals, day trips, transport etc. Some guests take us up on these things, while others are totally self-sufficient.

We've loved doing it, but wouldn't have been able to if TSC wasn't on holiday right now from varsity!

Slyde said...

it really IS great that you have the energy to host these people..

Wenchy said...

Sounds like fun

Helen said...

almost there! I'm impressed that you've done so much! And some people seem determined to be unimpressed, so well done on lightening things up a bit!

Enjoy the break, you deserve one after all that!

SonnyVsDan said...

would be interesting to hear about what you learned about their culture, particularly as a Canadian immigrant... and how/what you found the differences to be.

i was on a tour with an Indian / Canadian mother and son and i think it was a bit similar. nothing impressed. the food was never good enough and the environment too challenging...