Friday, 16 July 2010

Go away, winter

Sorry, DBAWIW, but this is indeed going to be a long weather ramble to the tune of "Jissis, it's cold!"

I'm so over this cold. At the moment I am sitting at my computer with my hot beanie thing on my lap with my cat sitting on top of it. This makes typing really difficult. Normally I would type for a bit, then warm my freezing fingers on the beanie and then type some more. Now it's become a delicate balancing act of trying to get my fingers to the beanie under the sleeping cat, who is starting to cut off blood supply to my legs. As Momcat wrote the other day, "I'm not just a glorified cat pillow!"


I really am over the cold. I once wrote a post about things I like about winter, which was a concerted effort to find good things about the cold season. I read it this morning to remind myself of those things. But I am tired of winter now. Bring on spring!

I think the cold surprised a lot of our World Cup guests, who were expecting to find sunny South Africa nice and hot. In fact, one of our guests (from New York), said that her low point of her month in SA was the cold. New York may get far colder than Joburg, but The Big Apple is also far more prepared for that cold.

Ok, enough moaning. I am going to chuck the cat off my lap now and make myself a mug of tea to warm my hands.


Shayne said...

Oh I am so with you on this one. Completely fed up with the cold. ALthough according to my husband it has not been cold enough and we need one more snow to ensure a good spring (ie with rain).

Yesterday was the coldest I have been in a very very long time.

Hurry up spring!

Momcat said...

Where the warm is, is where the cats are, sensible beings that they are. They never take offence no matter how many times they get chucked off. I'm also looking forward to Spring though not for the sake of torrents of rain but rather longer daylight hours - and of course slightly warmer weather. (And thanks for the mention, Tamara.)

Helen said...

It's FREEZING! I wish I had a hot beanbag right now. Or a cat.

dbawiw said...

Ha ha, ok, you're forgiven but only because I found myself wearing two pairs of pants last night and three jerseys, which is something for me.

I was in New York during an unseasonably cold November a couple of years ago, and lemme tell ya, it is unbearable...and they are NOT prepared. Yes, it may be snug indoors, but the minute you're outside you have to pack on a ridiculous number of clothing layers, only to remove nearly all of them as you get inside and start sweating like a horse. Unpleasant, I tells ya!

Shania said...

As I sit here preparing for yet another 100 degree scorcher, I find myself a bit more envious than sympathetic! We'll trade places in a few months, when I'll be lamenting my decision to own a convertible. brrrr

Damaria Senne said...

I'm so tired of the cold. Spring can't come soon enough for me

Anonymous said...

I could scarcely disagree. I really despise this cold because it's the kind of freezing which unlike most most other "cold" is that you can't warm up. *teeth chatter*