Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Catch up post

Hello all. Life is slowly starting to return to some semblance of normality, whatever that may be.

The World Cup, glorious as it was, is over. We only have one guest left - a lovely girl from New York, who is set to leave on Thursday. TSC is back at varsity. And I, after what feels like forever, am back at my computer, doing some admin catch up and actually writing a blog post.

Well, trying to, anyway. I started writing this about an hour ago, but I keep getting distracted by emails coming in and the cats trying to sleep on my laptop.

Anyway, here are a few photos from the past few weeks:

The waterfall at Rustenburg Kloof, where TSC and I hiked for a picnic lunch when we took the Mexicans to their Rustenburg game. Such a divine day - lunch with a view, tennis and then watching SA beat France.

A maribou stork trying to relieve TSC of his gingerbeer at the Rhino and Lion Park during our visit there with the Malaysians. This bird is really playful, but really ugly. When we arrived, it was trying to play with the spotted genets through the fence.

Lazy wild dogs having an afternoon nap at the Rhino and Lion Park. This was the closest we've seen them and the Malaysians were super excited.

The world literacy display at Maropeng, where we took the Mexicans. I must say, it was wasted on them - they didn't bother to stop and read anything. Everyone told us how brilliant Maropeng is, but I must admit, I wasn't particularly wowed.

A 6 month-old Nile crocodile at Croc City. What a waste of time that was. We took the Chinese Canadians there and after a promising start looking at and holding various reptiles inside, which was great fun and very informative, we were led on a tour that took less than 10minutes and then waited nearly an hour for our hot chocolate (which was cold) and an expensive crocodile sosatie from the restaurant. They also have an animal petting area with some bunnies in very poor shape (the only water source is a dirty plastic container sunk partway into the ground, filled with brown water and bits of hay). I suspect that weekends, when they feed the crocs, would be more interesting, but I won't take visitors there again.

The penalty shoot-out (the first of the World Cup) between Japan and Paraguay. It was an exciting match.


Hayley said...

I have been dying to go Maropeng...now i am wondering if it is worthwhile?

You must be relieved to have your last visitors leave...that is hectic work.

Tamara said...

If you actually stop and read about the fossils etc, then I think it would be very interesting, but with our Mexicans who are NOT museum people, we didn't get to do much of that. Also, it wasn't as interactive as I'd expected, aside from the boat ride at the beginning, which lasts about 2min. But if you're keen on fossils and natural history, you'd probably enjoy it.

Slyde said...

that looks so incredibly beautiful...

one day i will get there to see it.

and you will give me a place to stay and give me breakfast in bed...lucky you!

Shayne said...

How ironic that a visit to the Crocodile farm ends with you eating them!!!

So often these 'theme' time parks are so badly maintained, which is very sad.

Glad to hear that life is returning to normality!

Steve Hayes said...

Yes it's over, but it was fun while it lasted, even though we couldn't get tickets to any of the matches. As Radio Jakaranda commented on the 46000 sex workers said to have come for the World Cup: Feel them, they are here.

Helen said...

I'm a bit at a loss at the moment - with no soccer, what wll we watch? Love the wild dog photo, they're gorgeous! And Marabou storks always kind of remind me of Hugh Hefner, I'm not sure why! I helped look after a baby one once, it was the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't look and readon past the cocodile head. That eye really jumps out the picture and smacks you in the face doesn't it?


Tamara said...

Slyde: I will be honoured ;-)

Shayne: Haha... hadn't thought of it that way!

Steve: Phillip - he is here. Hehehe... http://www.gotravel24.com/theme/world-cup-2010/feel-it-translation

Helen: Hugh Hefner! Bwahahahahaha...

Paula: I love the baby crocs - so evil looking, but kinda cute too