Monday, 2 August 2010

Spring is coming!

I can barely contain my excitement at this fact. The trees are pushing out green shoots, birds are nesting and the first blossoms have been spotted. This all means one thing: winter is on its way out. Hooray!

We were at church camp in the Magaliesburg this weekend past and it was flipping cold. Great fun, but too cold for my liking. I must admit though, that the food and rooms were better than I expected. Camp seems to have come a long way since my high school days.

I got to do an obstacle course, which I haven't done in years, so that way fun. I have new respect for the people on Ninja Warrior.

On Sunday we celebrated my gran's 80th birthday. Shame, it was actually on 20 June, but she was so sick and my folks were overseas, so we pretended it was yesterday. My uncle flew in from Kuwait to surprise her and my other uncle and his wife drove in from Middelburg and the usual fun and games ensued. I think poor TSC has finally learnt to cope with my family's below-the-belt sense of humour.

Other than that, life is crazy busy. I've had to turn down a few writing projects because ghostwriting this book seems to have eaten ALL my time. It's 10 chapters long and I've just completed the second chapter, but I feel like I have done nothing else since I started. In fact, I probably have done nothing else since I started. Must remember to do the work for my other clients!

I hate turning down work, because it means turning down good money and some interesting projects, but I am (slowly) learning to be realistic about what I can and can't do. I'm working late nights as is, so unless I want to kiss my marriage and social life goodbye, I have to learn to say 'no' sometimes.

I'm rambling, I know. But I have missed blogging so much. Almost as much as I've missed reading everyone else's blogs.

Anyway, back to the books for me. Chapter three beckons.

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Cam said...'s coming???


Nommed you :D

Hayley said...

I so hope you are right! While I love Winter, I'm officially over it now!

Tara said...

Why Hello there! :) Missed you!
Magaliesberg (did I spell that right? Too lazy to check) sounds lovely! But then I may just be bitter about missing out on my own farm/bush trip. Ahem.
Happy Birthday to your Gran! Yay!
Good luck with the work-life balance. It's a tricky one...

po said...

Nooooo it can't be true that spring is on its way! I mean, for you? It's too soon surely? That can only mean one thing and that is cooooold for me. Although it is rainy and chilly now anyway, so it won't be much different.

Dash said...

oh bring on the warmer weather!

so can you walk us through what ghostwriting would actually involve?

Tamara said...

Cam: Thanks, man. Does that cancel out my free doughnut?

Hayley: apparently there's still a cold spell coming our way from Sunday. Boo hoo!

Tara: Ja, work-life balance seems to get trickier the closer you live to Jhb too!

Po: Trust me, it can't come soon enough! You need to find a job where you can follow the sunshine... 6months in northern hemisphere and then 6months in the southern. In fact, I reckon I need a job like that too ;-)

Dash: Have put up a post that explains it. Hope it makes sense now.

Shayne said...

So joyful over the approaching Spring - even my jasmine is flowering!

Magaliesburg is just the most divine place - i stayed there years ago in a b&b - must investigate returning at some stage.

V cool re the ghost-writing!