Monday, 1 February 2010

Mixed bag

It was a weekend of good and bad.

Let's get the bad out of the way first. Once again, my company has not paid me my salary. So, once again, I have had to transfer money from another account into my bank account so that my debit orders don't bounce today. I can't afford to buy groceries or put petrol in my car. My colleagues (who are both younger than me and live with their parents - no rent, food or bills to pay) are complaining that they can't hit the sales at the mall. I'm stressing about paying my insurance. It's a bit different.

The newest addition to the company, let's call her Vicki (not her name, but she idolizes Victoria Beckham for some inexplicable reason), resigned this morning. It's a new record - she's only been here three weeks. Sweet girl. I'll miss her. But I'm used to this saying goodbye thing now.

I had a meeting scheduled for this afternoon for possible freelance work, but when I phoned to confirm this morning, they said they've found someone else to do it. So bleak! I desperately need to find ways of bringing in more cash every month if this morning job is going to crash and burn. I've been trawling the net for freelance and part-time work, but it's in scarce supply.

My Ella (she's my car) has to go back to Honda sometime soon for a window check-up. There's been a safety recall on all Jazz models made between 2002 and 2008.

And that's the bad news done. Now, the good bits...

On Friday we had supper with four awesome friends. The one couple we know from church and the other couple are friends that they introduced us to. We had to mission out in the mother of all storms that hit Joburg on Friday evening to get to their house (our road flooded so fast that the manhole cover popped out), but it was well worth it.

On Saturday, I hit the gym for an aqua class and then TSC and I watched a few episodes of Scrubs and ate poached eggs on toast. I had planned a big day for us, starting with a nice home-cooked brunch, but seeing I had almost no money left over after buying my mom's birthday present, that didn't happen.

I had, however, found something to do in Joburg that cost less than R50 and would keep up entertained for the afternoon - SAB World of Beer. Now I am not a beer fan, but I must recommend this tour. Seriously good value for money! It's R25 per ticket (and R20 if you have an Edgars Club card), which includes the 90-minute tour, a small souvenir glass (filled with beer) and two drinks of your choice (beer, cider, cold drinks etc) with chips and peanuts at the bar afterwards. The tour shows the history of beer, from 6000 years ago to the present, as well as how beer is brewed at SAB today.

While there are some corny bits (like the "comedy" 3D clip showed at one point), we loved it. Good fun! There's also a shop selling SAB merchandise and a pub offering lunch and snacks on site. Very kewl.

Yesterday, we met up with my mom (who tells me she's now a lurker here too. Awesome), dad and brother to celebrate my mom's birthday, which is today. We had lunch at Mythos in Design Quarter and it was divine. I have leftover Mousaka for lunch today. Can't wait!

I love my family. They make me laugh.

After lunch we all went back to our place for some of my crowd-pleaser ice-cream (must post the recipe sometime) and coffee. It was so good to sit on our veranda and look out on the sunny garden while we chatted. Happiness, I tell you.

Wish I could stretch it out into today. I feel so helpless with this whole work situation. I don't know what to do, but I can't take this anymore. Anyone know of part-time / freelance work?!

I suppose there's no point in moaning about it, so I'll get back to work. Mom, if you're lurking today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are the best mom I could wish for and I love you more than I know how to say.


Helen said...

Sounds like quite a mix there! I'm glad there was lots of good to balance the bad! Have a great week!

Cam said...

Damn Tam, can't believe they haven't paid you again...just disgusting.

So you recommend the WOB?

Damaria Senne said...

sorry about your day job crashing and burning. will be on the look-out. Happy birthday Tamara's mom!

Shayne said...

How do they just not pay you? What do they say to you? Is that even legal?

SHame man. How frustrating for you. I'd get my backside out of htere asap if i were you.

ps have lost your email addie - and i'd love the marshmallow recipe? i'll send you the other too - if we were closer i'd give you the mutton too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tamara's mom!

Tamara- I am too bleak (weather related). But the beer tour sounds llike fun (and fee booze... teehee) sign me up. Look at me following the link :D

po said...

Am kicking your day job in the balls.

Tamara said...

Helen: Ja. That's why I ended with it too - to remind myself ;-)

Cam: I do. Corny, but awesome.

Damaria: Thanks, friend. Much appreciated.

Shayne: Not legal. She doesn't say anything. Just ignores me. Will mail you the recipe shortly ;-)

Paula: I don't even like beer, but I thought it was great. If you go, let me know what you thought, k?

Po: You're my hero. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That's just effing ridiculous. I totally know how you feel's happened to me a couple of times too. It's suuuuper frustrating. :(

Happy birthday to your mom!

angel said...

It sounds like a good weekend overall.


And now I forgot what I was going to say...

hang on, I'm going to skim through the post again...

Oh yes! In all the years I worked for SAB, I never once went to the World Of Beer!