Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Weekend happenings and various random metaphors

The weekend felt like a very welcome water stop in the middle of a marathon - we were briefly refreshed and hydrated before hitting the road running again on miserable old Monday.

I don't know what I would do without TSC. Seeerrriousssly. When I arrived home on Friday I was bushed. I felt about as fabulous as a wrung out dishrag. And he let me drag myself up the stairs, throw myself on the bed and immerse myself in my book for a bit of an escape while he stacked the dishwasher and made supper - courgettes stuffed with mince. Yum! Then we watched a couple of Scrubs episodes to laugh a little and went to bed. Happy days.

Something else I realised again this weekend is that we generally get along with people who are older than us better with people our own age. There are exceptions. We have close couple friends Brett and Kim who are of similar age to us. But most of our friends are older. For example, we had our neighbours, let's call them The Italians, for supper on Saturday. They're a couple in their late 50s and are closer to my parents in age than to us. But we get along like a house on fire. They only left at midnight once we'd all devised a plan to bomb the new warehouse shopping centre should it ever come into being.

On Sunday we slept in.

I felt that sentence deserved its bold font.

It was wonderful. I have missed spending quality nap time with my bed. And my pillow. And, of course, my lunatic cats who climb on top of me and poddle away when I'm trying to snooze. As someone once said, "There's no such thing as a snooze button on a cat that wants breakfast."

We also went for a picnic at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens with my folks. It was my dad's idea. I was surprised, seeing he's not generally one for finger food or sitting on the ground. But a great time was had by all. After some delicious chilled wine, samoosas, roast chicken sandwiches and then candied cashew nuts (dessert), TSC and my dad were so relaxed that they fell asleep on the picnic blanket. My mom and I went for a walk to the waterfall and brought ice-cream back with us.

On Sunday evening we also had pizza with some mates after church at Ciro's - one of my favourite local spots. It was good to chat about stuff on our minds with other people (also much older and wiser than us). We needed it. I think they needed to share too.

Monday morning was a smack with a frying pan after such a great weekend. It was my only free night of the week. We have meetings galore this week and I'm on a few freelance deadlines too. Plus I am supplying Roo's birthday cupcakes. So I had better hop to it and do some work.

I can spot an oasis in the distance though - this weekend we're going camping. Yay! No emails, no meetings... can't wait.


Bagman and Butler said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I'm guessing your Dad, who isn't fond of finger food and sitting on the ground is NOT going camping.

Cam said...

Ciro's Parktown North?

Camping is fun when it's not raining...but then, it's everything?

Shayne said...

After weekends like that you need another to recuperate!

Enjoy the camping,

And don't forget to post pics of your cupcakes!

Slyde said...

thats funny.... i remarked this weekend after throwing a big birthday party for Friz and looking around, that we are the oldest of all our friends....

angel said...

Is Roo the lady you referred to me? If it is I am so sorry I couldn't help her out
Quiet weekends are sheer bliss! Glugs and I now schedule a weekend for ourselves on our Google calendar.

po said...

Aw am jealous, I love camping but at the mo here it is freezing and snowing, not that I haven't camped in these conditions before, but I would prefer sun and stuff.

I hope the frying pan wounds heal.

Ruby said...

Hey honey! sos i've been kinda MIA the last couple of weeks:/ How ARE you???

I also got to sleep in on sunday....so if i was typing that on my blog i would also feel that it certainly deserved a bold text:)
*hugs for you and TSC*

Hayley said...

Sounds divine! We had one of those weekends too...just doing nothing. It was so needed! Hope you make it through the week :-)

Patchwork said...

Sounds like really good weekend. My kids and I rented some movies and watched them using a projector and a white sheet. It was fantastic!

Tamara said...

Bagman & Butler: Nope. My parents don't camp ;-)

Cam: No, in Douglasdale.

Shayne: Pics are up, as requested ;-) I'm a bit nervous for you and Angel to see them, seeing you're both cupcake masters.

Slyde: Hehehe... works both ways, I guess.

Angel: Yes, she is. That's a brilliant idea, actually. We should start plannign "off" weekends too.

Po: Ja, camping in the UK is not my idea of fun.

Ruby: Hanging on by my fingernails ;-) you? Sleeping in the bestest!

Hayley: Weekends that that keep us going.

Tamara said...

Patchwork - sounds divine! I love movie watching at home with a bowl of microwave popcorn.

Helen said...

sounds like a a lovely weekend! I hope you have many more like that one! The gardens are stunning - one of my favourite places on earth, I even had my 21st there!

Tamara said...

Helen: I had my 18th in the Dbn Botanical Gardens. So nice to be outside!