Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Not going quietly

I have yet another meeting about this warehouse store tonight (before my church small group meeting, so it's going to be a real rush). The past few days have been spent writing fliers, posters, banners, web copy and emails... I am now heading up the communications for our newly formed residents' action group.

It may seem like a lot of fuss for nothing, but the new development would negatively affect our property values and introduce serious security, traffic, noise, pollution and storm water considerations to the whole suburb. Our complex is specifically affected by the proposed road developments, which would have the delivery entrance to the warehouse runnign past us, meanign trucks arriving and departing at all hours of the day and night. It would also, no doubt, become a new back route for people to use to avoid the main roads in our areas, so we can look forwrad to peak-hour traffic congestion.

We bought property in this area because it is quiet, peaceful and safe. Now they're meddling with all of those things. And the tragedy is that those of us who will actively stand up and fight are in the minority. The rest simply shrug and say, "Oh well, it sucks. But what can you do? I guess we'll live with it."

Not us. Not ever.

Bring it on, biatches. We're ready for you.


momcat said...

Well done Tamara. We do need our quiet places to live. Bet the executives of the warehouse company wouldn't want to live across the road from the warehouse.

po said...

Good luck! I love the way you always end up heading committees, your organisation skills are impressive!

Shania said...

We're facing similar problems here with a proposed power line. We wouldn't even get power from it! We have to fight these fights or who will?

Forever Feline said...

Well done! We have a garage across from our complex and fuel trucks come and go at all hours of the night, people hoot and rev and scream and its just a total nightmare at times.

Helen said...

Good luck! I'll be holdng thumbs!

Seriously, aren't there enough places to buy things in your area? why don't they go down the road to the whole clump of warehouses and join the happy-warehouse family?

Stupid people grrrrrr!

Cam said...

Good luck Tam.

angel said...

Fight the good fight T!! People in general underestimate what they are capable of if they put their foot down.