Friday, 19 February 2010

Would you read my book now?

I have refined my synopsis and found my focus. At last! I've also sent this to dear Po. And seeing she was nice about it (she always is nice), I am going to be brave and put it out here. So, readers, what do you think?

70-year old Joe Botha is struggling to cope alone after more than 40 years of marriage to his wife Marge, who recently and unexpectedly died, following a massive stroke.

Living in a small town in the Freestate, Joe is surrounded by well-intentioned but meddling neighbours who unwittingly make his grieving process all the more difficult. Months after Marge’s death Joe meets Rose Oosthuizen at a bowls tournament. The strident Afrikaans ex-wife of a prominent politician, she is nothing like Marge. Nevertheless, Joe is intrigued.

As their friendship develops, Joe is shocked to learn that Rose has been living alone on a small plot on the outskirts of the town. Left destitute by her ex-husband, Rose has nothing to her name.

Shared neediness and shattered confidence bond the two firmly and, despite the disapproval of their families and townsfolk, they are soon involved romantically. When Rose moves in with Joe the rumours escalate and even Joe’s priest tries to put a stop to the relationship.

At 72 years old, Joe is tired of trying to impress people. He and Rose buy a dilapidated nursery in KwaZulu-Natal and escape to start a new life together in their old age. Rose brings Joe back to his Afrikaner roots and as they work rehabilitating each other and the nursery, they discover a variety of love that is new and different to both of them.


Anonymous said...

This synopsis sounds much better than the last one!!! The previous one entailed too much, I think it would have been a 1000 page novel and just too much to cover. To cover just this part of his story is much better, it seems more inviting to read about, and like a complete story on its own. Just more appealing to me than the last synopsis.

I'm happy you re-worked it, I think you will get lots of encouragement on this one. And I feel much better than last time when I was a bit negative over it :)

Cam said...

Tam...are you serious?

Shit, I'd read that! :)

Does he have a love affair with the Blou Bulle?

Tara said...

It's amazing the difference your reworking it made because I'd honestly think about reading it this time :)

Love it, good going chicken :D

Simply-Mel said...


Shayne said...

When does it go to print??

Clever lady.

po said...

I am not always nice that is for sure. Will be looking out on the bookshelves :)

By the way, on a completely different topic, what is the name of the stuff you reccommended for calming nerves? I remember you mentioning it here a few times. I need some urgently for my driving test or I may collapse.

Patchwork said...

This sounds like a really good synopsis. What's your time frame?

Anonymous said...

po - I used calmettes when I went for my test, I wasnt nervous at all which was really weird! so maybe it works.

phillygirl said...

I also think that sounds way more readable than the last synopsis :) Well refined!

tattytiara said...

Fills my head with questions I want answered. That's what it's supposed to do, right?

Helen said...

Rescue Remedy!

And it looks awesome (again). I think you should write both books, just so I can read them!

Tamara said...

Anon: Thanks for the comments. I totally agree with you - the last one was just trying to cover way too much. Your feedback has been really helpful.

Cam: He does indeed ;-)

Tara: Awww... thanks so much, friend. Appreciate it!

Simply-Mel: Thank you. What a confidence boost!

Shayne: As soon as I write it, I hope ;-)

Po: When is your driver's?

Patchwork: I'm not sure. I'm setting myself the goal of finishing by June next year, but maybe it will happen sooner.

Anon: Calmettes are good too.

Phillygirl: Thanks. Your opinion means a lot because you read so much!

tattytiara: That's what I'm going for ;-)

Helen: If it ever goes to print, you'll get a signed copy, I promise ;-)