Friday, 29 January 2010

I love my new gadget!

For Christmas TSC gave me this nifty little voice recorder. I have been wanting one for ages and I am loving it!

I used to have one of those old tape recorder dictaphones. Sorta like this:

Once, after taping an interview for a story, the thing fell off my car seat and the "record" button got switched on. I taped over the whole interview without knowing it. Since then I haven't trusted the things. The tapes stretch, you have to flip them over after 45 min and they are heavy to haul around in your handbag all day long.
My new little Olympus thankfully has a "hold" button, so hopefully there will be no more accidental over-recording. This amazing device can also record hours of interviews, save them in different folders, transfer them to my PC when I connect it via USB and all sorts of aother fancy things.
Of course, I still take written notes during interviews anyway. Just in case ;-)
Anyway, just thought I would share my glee. I'm so much happier now that my foot is better! And it's Friday. Woohoo!
Have a good one, y'all.


Anonymous said...

Huh, I've been thinking of getting one of those exact jobbies for lectures. Have u any complaints about it?

Anonymous said...

very, very awesome. i used to do all mine to mini disc. i think i was the only person in the world to buy into the whole mini disc thing. total sucker.

angel said...

Very cool indeed!

po said...

Ooh funky, it ,ooks a bit like a thermostat remote :)

Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

It's a beauty it is:)
Good on you for taking notes as well, I put too much of faith in my gadget and Uncle Murphy interrupted a rather important interview. What could have been a really good Q&A was reduced to just a paragraph based on what memory and some very cursory scribblings supplied. Lesson learnt:)

Gaynor Paynter - TAVASA Moderator - Typewrite Transcription and Typing Services CC - said...

I run a transcription service, and all of my clients dictate using Olympus. It's definitely the best on the market. Good choice. :-) The recordings they produce are crystal clear, provided you record in a quiet environment of course.

Jeanette said...

Ooh and it looks very funky too!! What a win!

Helen said...

that looks awesome! I always wanted one, but I'd probably only use ti to celebrate my geekiness by recording every conversation I ever had...

Anonymous said...

so cute. So convenient. Gotta get me one of those! :D

Tamara said...

cestlavietlb: None yet ;-)

thejacksonfiles: I remember those. Ja, they didn't last long, hey.

Angel: And useful!

Po: I must admit, I would not know.

Saaleha: Yup. That happened to me with the old tape one. Lesson learnt!

Gaynor: I could even hear the people talking in the background when I listened to the recordings. Hehehe... little did they know. Must have a listen to what they were saying ;-)

Jeanette: Exactly!

Helen: I keep threatening TSC that I'm going to record our conversations becuase he never listens to me. Maybe I should try it ;-)

Paula: I highly recommend it. Great for audio learners to record lectures.