Wednesday, 23 July 2008


So Leez tagged me to do the 8 random things meme. Here it goes:

1. I hate people touching my neck. It freaks me out completely. Even TSC has a hard time getting near my neck without being smacked.

2. I love office stationery. It makes me happy when I have lots of pens, pencils, highlighters and other paraphernalia on my desk. It's the simple things.

3. When I forget to wear my watch, I feel naked. I have to hide my wrist so people don't see it without its clothing! Strange, I know.

4. Although I loathe shoe shopping, I absolutely LOVE shopping for gifts for other people. I could spend all day trawling a shopping centre for that perfect something.

5. I am terrified of the telephone. I hate, hate, HATE having to call people I don't know. In my job, I have to do this A LOT, so you'd think I'd get over it. Sometimes I write myself a script, which makes it a bit easier.

6. My name, aside from meaning 'perfection' (hah! I wish), is of Hebrew origin and means palm tree. Joy.

7. Being an absolute heathen, I drink my white wine with ice. Shock, horror! Funnily enough, it drives me mental that my in-laws insist on chilling a good bottle of red wine overnight before drinking it. I mean... really!

8. I desperately want my own house and garden so that I can paint my walls, hang as many pictures as I'd like and plant my own veggie garden.

I'm not tagging anyone, but please feel free to do this meme and let me know so that I can see how random you are too.


Ruby said...

oh hun! i'm a heathen too...i always put ice in my white wine. It's a habbit i picked up as a student, when you could only afford one drink and you want it to last for ages.....and it kinda stuck:) I hate drinking it any other way. Chilling red wine is a big no-no on my list too:)

Charmskool said...

I love stationery and loathe the phone and have to call strangers in my job too. I practically need a drink to do it. As for ice in wine - why not? I can't bear cold red wine but apparently it is supposed to be drunk at European room temperature (winter) so should be colder than SA room temp - according to my ex who is a wine buff. He also said ice in any wine is fine!!

boldly benny said...

I like my dry white VERY CHILLED so I often have to put in ice as well and I've been known to spritzer but only do it with zesty white - I wouldn't water down a bottle of haute cabriere!

As for phones - I HEAR YOU! And I still get terrified before I interview someone!

leez said...

Its kinda cool how mauch random things we have in common with total strangers. I've been able to identify with at least three things on average from all those that I've tagged.

I like stationery too!! The girl in stationery knows me well by now but I had to learn that everyone loves free sationery!!! I've lost count of those thieving loons that take my green pens.

I like wine. any which way. and its not usual for dudes but I prefer my white over red usually. Ice is fine though its taken some time to get used to the idea.

Glugster said...

Putting ice in your white wine is more common than you think, especially if the bottle hasn't been chilled.

Ice in red wine is a big no-no though.

Not that I'm an expert on wine and drinking or anything......

Slyde said...

i share your phobia of phone conversations. i cant STAND when i have to call people at work.. i try to make my calls during lunch or off hours so i get their voicemail..

sweets said...

another heathen reporting for duty: but i take it a bit futher... i add sprite to the whole mix... i know! hehe you should really allow your poor husband near your neck silly girl... mwhahahahahahahahahaaa :)

Tamara said...

Yay! I don't feel so random. Thanks all.

Ruby said...

You've got mail!

elizabeth said...

Totally with you on number 3!