Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Returned from a long absence

Hello loyal readers *she says optimistically*, especially Charmskool, Phillygirl, Angel, Boldly Benny and Sleepyjane (who were kind enough to leave a comment on yesterday's pathetic three-line post). After temporarily falling off the face of the earth, I am back in blogland.

has been a busy period indeed. I am on day two at the new job. So far, so good. I went to my first client meeting this morning, which I really enjoyed, and I like the people I'm working with. In true blogger fashion, I will come up with suitable nicknames for them in good time. Today, I'll start with my new boss, who calls eveyone 'chick' or 'dude', which is slightly bizarre coming from the company MD. So, very unoriginally, she will henceforth be known as Boss-Chick. She is very cool and bluntly honest. I foresee a time when I will need to tell myself "don't take it personally" when she exercises that particular character trait, but at least I always know exactly where I stand with her.

In other news... If you haven't see Kung Fu Panda, you HAVE to see it. Laughed my butt off, Well, actually I unfortunately didn't managed to rid myself of my behind, but I got a great ab workout. Jack Black was the perfect casting choice, as was Dustin Hoffman. Hubby and I saw it on Friday night, and it was a great start to the weekend.

Speaking of hubby... I have decided he needs a better nickname too. Any suggestions? Here are some facts that may help in procuring him a worthy name:
  • He is a big, strong rugby player of an Afrikaans man;
  • His parents are sheep farmers in the Northern Cape;
  • He is currently studying;
  • For the past few years he has worked in the construction industry;
  • He likes to think of himself as a rough and tumble kind of guy, but he turns into a gooey softie when he cuddles our kitties;
  • He also turns into a big puppy when near baby doggies, rolling aorund on the floor with them and making dog sounds;
  • It took him six months to remember my name when we met during our gap year;
  • We hated each other when we met. It took a slap for us to get along;
  • After four months of long distance dating (which sucked) at the beginning of our romantic relationship, he completely freaked me out my telling me I was the woman he wanted to marry;
  • He has a complex about his chin. For some reason, he thinks it's too big. I, of course, reckon it's perfect;
  • He sucks at suprises;
  • He doesn't read any of my work. In fact, he doesn't read. This studying thing will be interesting.

I look forward to your suggestions!


Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

What about 'The Chin'.

that'll give him even more of a complex.


Anonymous said...

WHOO HOO. Love that we're back to regular programming here.

Um. What about 'The Man' or The Husband' or 'The Complex one' or 'He Who Has My Heart' or 'The One' or 'Myloves' or 'Mannie' or....

They all suck don't they?


The Jackson Files said...

I am terrible at nicknames, like totally uninspiring - all my boyfriends have defaulted to 'buddy' (which probably said a lot for the state of our relationship at the time).
But I just wanted to say welcome back!

boldly benny said...

Welcome, welcome! Going to watch Kung Fu Panda tonight and I can't wait. I think Hubby is cute but it was great to hear some facts about your man ;-) (I'm nosey, I mean inquisitive, by nature - I don't need to tell you it's part of being a journo!)

Ches said...

Butch the Bulldog, no question!

Charmskool said...

Aw I suck at nickjnames although the reference to his parents' sheep farm made me think "Tjop" may work lol.
I like the sound of your new MD she sounds like a hoot.

Glugster said...


Caz said...

haha some great suggestions here, but as soon as you said the chin thing Johnny Bravo came to mind... And he's big too....and acts tough but is really a softy.
c'mon!vote me!