Monday, 7 July 2008

First Monday in the new office

Seeing I started the new job last Tues, this is my first Monday in the office. So far, so good. I had my first status meeting, which was actually a lot of fun (especially since I brought home-made cake - the bribery starts). We have a chill room, filled with beanbags and stability balls, and everyone is very honest and open, which is cool.

The end of last week was quite hectic, and I had my first taste of PR crisis management, which was thrilling, if a little stressful. The weekend was good - we had a potjie and wine lunch on Sat, which was lots of work, but lots of fun. And we wtached loads of DVDs and chilled, so I got a bit of rest, which I think I really needed. I forget how much energy big changes take out of me!

Here's a Vernie pic for you...


leez said...

Always a good idea to bring free food. always.

My first day was a week before my Bday and bringing cake definitely helped.

sweets said...

you brought cake on your first day.... ahhhhhh.... sucking up big time! hehe

good luck with the new job... and vernie rocks... the poor sod :)

Sleepyjane said...

The Vern Koekemoer pics really crack me up. lol

YAY for a first day! I'm so very glad that it went well Tamara. And you are so smart...baking a cake and all that. It's all about the strategy! ;)

Glugster said...

Love the pic. Good luck with the new job.

Tamara said...

Leez: thanks for visiting. Yes, the way to colleagues' hearts is certainly through their stomachs!

Sweets: Not my first day! To celebrate the passing of my first week. But yes, still sucking up ;-)

Sleepy: Thanks, lady. thought it was a smart move myself.

Glug: Thanks a bunch.

angel said...

i am so glad you're liking the new job- sounds funky!