Thursday, 31 July 2008

HECTIC... It be Thursday

I know, I know... the subject of my posts is becoming all too familiar, but really - this week feels like it hasn't happened. Between othotist appointments, network issues and a pile-up of admin, I haven't had time to blog or to read my favourite bloggers. And seeing that's usually how I measure time, I feel very confuzzled.

So here's a good ole Slyde-style bullet point list of the latest happenings:

  • Bloggirls on Sunday was awesome. There were only four of us (myself, Jackson's Mom, Phillygirl and Angel), but I just love these women so much and we chatted abotu everything from weddings to arguments, babies, men and everything in between. It's so much fun seeing each other in person once in awhile as well as reading each other regularly.
  • I have to have orthotics (inserts to wear in my shoes) made. Again. Sigh... The last pair I had were in my gym bag that got stolen and my feet have been getting worse and worse. So now I have to spend a huge sum of money on a real grudge purchase. But it's necessary, so I'll just have to suck it up.
  • I won R2 500 in a Ster Kinekor competition. Which may cover my orthotics. What a fun way to spend my money ;-)
  • My uncle is in SA. He lives in Dubai, and I haven't seen him in ages. He didn't even come to my wedding. We used to be really, really close, but a couple of years ago things fell apart and I don't know where I stand with him anymore. I'm a bit nervous to see him on Saturday evening. Eep!

And that's about me for the moment. Now I'm going to go and read about YOU.


sweets said...

how nice to win that competition!!!! i know you've been very quiet lately :) me too... work work work eish :)

Ruby said...

you know the saying that goes.....when God closes a door He opens a window......i think that's what happened with the competition. You stuff was stolen....the door closed(I'm not implying God organised to have your stuff stolen tho), but He blessed you with the money from the competition to cover the costs....i think it's awesome:)

Charmskool said...

Congrats on winning the competition. I bet you'd rather be buying something cool than paying for your orthotics with the money? Missed ya by the way.

boldly benny said...

Hello doll, good to have you back! Woohoo on the competition and bugger that you have to spend it on something functional but at least you won't go into debt! This kind of thing happens to me frequently - I do a load of freelance work and dream about how I want to spend my money and then I fracture my ankle and all the money is absorbed by that - I guess it's a case of easy come, easy go!

Good luck with the uncle meet, hope it's a very happy reunion xB

Slyde said...

thanks for the plug, missy!

no biggie on the orthotics.. i had one made a few years ago.. pretty expensive tho..

angel said...

so thats what they're called!!?!
pity you can't blow your winnings on a weekend away or something...