Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Networks, connections and other such wonders...

I have an especial love of that thing that happens when everything seems to work together nicely. I will call it serendipity, for lack of a better word.

To explain what I mean... Say you sell handbags for a living. One day, you visit a friend for tea, and meet another of her friends that takes fashion photos. You get chatting and she asks to use some of your handbags in her next shoot. You get exposure and she finds a willing supplier. Silly example, but you catch my meaning.

Well, I am finding that blogging opens a new world of connections for me. I blog because I love to blog, but more and more, it is coming up in work situations. I have found friends, sources, business contacts and inspiration through blogging, and it doesn't seem to end. I can't believe there was a time when I didn't blog!

Do you sometimes feel like this, or am I just on an insane caffeine high?!


The Jackson Files said...

Yep...I love it when a pan comes together.

I couldn't imagine my life without blogging and what it offers me, either.

The Jackson Files said...

Um...make that PLAN. Not pan. I don't even know what a pan coming together would look like!

elizabeth said...

Serendipity. Did you ever see that movie? It's great.

Spartan and I's middle names are Sarah and John (characters from the movie)... we kind of thought that was Serendipitous (sp?)

Slyde said...

liz, serendipity was great only because it had kate beckensale in it... she makes EVERYthing great!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I also can't remember not blogging, but you're right! I blog because I love it! Glad that you're having such a good time :-)

Gill said...

I love blogging too and can't imagine life without it. I've had some interesting conversations stemming from the whole blogging thing. BTW I saw the movie and loved it.

angel said...

i reckon its a caffeine high!

Being Brazen said...

I recently strated blogging and i also have no idea hwy i didnt always do it. I have found so much inspiration from blogging and also found a great outlet for my ramblings :)

sweets said...

i agree, can't imagine my life without blogging, although i haven't made anything online except friends ;)

Kit said...

Hey T,

Maybe I can help you out with a bit of serendipity...

I've been thinking about your corporate blog, trying to think of examples that have actually worked.

Came up with four:

1. http://blog.wellsfargo.com/
Wells Fargo Bank blog. Divided into two parts - the one part is especially for students - with tips and info on how to repay their student loans and manage their money.

2. Sun Microsystems CEO blog 'Johnathon's blog'... http://blogs.sun.com/jonathan/
Meant to be one of the best egs of a CEO Blog.

3. Coca cola
Fun, interesting stuff.

4. The Martha Blog, - from the famous Martha Stewart. http://blogs1.marthastewart.com/martha/
It's constantly updated with a 'glimpse' into her life - what her garden looks like, what she's cooking for Thanksgiving etc.

Who knows - maybe you need some good examples for your next meeting with client.

All these blogs have one thing in common - interesting/ relevant content.

Just thought you would be interested :)

Tamara said...

TJF: I guess it depends what it's coming together with ;-)

Elizabeth: I thought that movie was awful, but then I'm really not one for romcoms.

Slyde: I think most men are with you on that one.

Blondie: Good - keep blogging, I'll keep reading ;-)

Gill: It really is a new way of communicating. I mean, if it weren't for blogging, I never would have met you!

Angel: Party pooper.

Being brazen: Welcome! I will be over soon to check out your ramblings.

Swets: Hey! Will you be at Bloggirls this weekend? And we can take it offline.

Kit: Thanks, lady. I will definitely bring those up with the client. Thanks for thinking of me!