Friday, 18 July 2008

Friday post

Wow! Another week has flown by. So loving some of the clients I'm working with (including the one with the blog). Not so much the one that's been giving us headaches because of an ad they flighted that has caused much offence. But I've learnt about PR crisis management.

In other news, I'm giving a beading lesson at the office this afternoon. Yay! I think the last time I gave anyone a lesson was in varsity. BossChick had this awesome idea of doing something creative every Friday, so last week we iced cupcakes and this week we're beading. I've brought a huge bag full of my bead boxes to the office, which I had to sort through last night. Poor TSC waited for ages for me to come to bed, because I was happily seated on the living room carpet, surrounded by beads and two naughty cats that were trying to steal them.

Grand Prix this Sunday. Yay!

Anyway... Friday Funny:

I [particularly like this pic, coz the kitty looks just like my Marble.


Glugster said...

Funny pic!

Enjoy this afternoon and the weekend.

Yes, I have also being informed that there is F1 this Sunday.....

leez said...

okay. this ad you speak of... is it for a telecommunications company named after a fruit?

The Jackson Files said...

Beading? That sounds cool. It also sounds like you're loving your new job, which is great. Have a fab weekend.

Ches said...


Slyde said...

sounds like we will both have kinda odd fridays at work. We are having an employee bbq here today, so that should kill off about 4 hours... i hope someone brings alcholol.

Gill said...

Wish I was going to be there for the beading - I've tried making a couple of things and really enjoyed it, but I reckon a few lessons would definitely help!

Enjoy the weekend :-)

angel said...

love the funny! so are we going to see pics of your creative endeavours and your furbabies?

Charmskool said...

Love the pic. Please put pics of your beading efforts on the blog. Also I have been watching Martha Stewart - well I had flu and there wasn't anything else to watch - and she has been doing cupcakes all week - absolutely mindboggling flavours and decorations and icings!

Tamara said...

Glug: Did you manage to sit through the F1 without falling asleep?

Leez: Huh?! Nope.

TJF: Thanks, lady. I am having fun.

Ches: Woohooo for an AWESOME finish by Lewis on Sun!

Slyde: Yay for odd Fridays. Tis the best, you have to say.

Gill: Well, next time you're in my part of the world or I'm in yours, k?

Angel: Yes, fo' sho - as soon as I find my camera cable, which is hiding from me, as usual.

Charm: Good to see you're back. You should get flu more often. KIDDING! Love cupcakes.