Friday, 29 July 2011

General Chaos et al

General Chaos and his troops have invaded our house. Major Mess has taken up headquarters in our spare bedroom while Private Breakdown was allegedly crying in the downstairs toilet, although there is no hard evidence to substantiate this rumour.

Yes, renovations are on the go, despite our plumber failing to show up yesterday as agreed and our tile-remover dude being three hours late today. Still, at least the process has begun. Now we just need to find another plumber and somehow stick to deadline and budget. And I must learn to be able to think in a house filled with noise and dust.



po said...

Hmmm sounds like /fun! Ge t industrial strength earplugs

Bagman and Butler said...

"Incoming!" Head for the bunker! Hope for a short battle and not a protracted war.

Nes said...

Good luck! Just think of the end product :)

Louisa said...

The dust always makes me crazy - good luck!

dbawiw said...

Love the cartoon!
Whew, sounds ... trying. And how are the cats coping?

Tamara said...

Po: I may have to do just that. Except then I can't hear when the phone rings!

Bagman & Butler: thanks - that's my hope too!

Nes: I'm doing just that. And at least it's started now... moving towards the goal.

Louisa: Me too. My nose is NOT happy.

dbawiw: The cats, poor things, were both under the bed for a couple of hours this morning. I've now locked them in the spare room with me, litter box and all, and they have come out. Still wide-eyed, but ok so long as "mom" is nearby.

Anonymous said...

oh my god! I hate work in the house. Renovations can really ruin a life. I knew this happy couple that nearly broke up because he was a "spineless asshole that couldn't be bothered to chase up the plumber."

The plumber!

You're gonna be fine though. Blog out any frustration that you feel during. Or send a stiff letter to the plumber and include a few swear words.

cat said...

Renovating is only for the very brave. Good luck.

Angel said...

Ooh strongs! Rather you than me!