Monday, 25 July 2011

Assorted updates: count down and cat warfare

I'm so glad last week is over. What an insane few days! Presentations, deadlines, power plays and boundary laying... Not so much fun.

That said, there are things to smile about this week:

Renovations! Commencing in T minus 2 days (or 3, depending how quickly we get our upstairs packed up). It's going to be hell, for sure, but I am SO looking forward to the end result. Note to self: Must remember to take BEFORE pics this evening.

Thus far, we've moved most of the furniture out of our bedroom and into the spare bedroom (except the bed and my gas heater) and most of the clothes have been moved out of the cupboard too. Thankfully the spare bedroom is ridiculously big, so we've managed to fit its furniture and our room's furniture in there, albeit in wobbly vertical towers.

Tonight we'll do the last moving and sorting and try to get the study (which is tiny) kitted out to use as the laundry room and mini-spareroom (with a single bed in it) for the time being.

It's strange though because our room looks so empty. And messy. I was shocked when I pulled my small drawer unit off of the table where I do my make-up to discover that it's left dirty marks against the wall. I'm very much looking forward to painting over the white walls with a shade that won't show the dirt so much!

Things are obviously chaos at present. I woke up wondering where I was this morning. The cats are loving it though. They feel like they have a brand new obstacle course that's been set up just for them. Little brats. Much as I love them, they do test my patience at times.

This morning, while I was trying to work, they decided to interrupt my concentration by doing repeated time trials around the obstacle course, making as much noise as possible as they went. The pitter-patter of little cat paws is surprisingly loud at high speed. Especially when accompanied by the sound of their bells and the taunting meows they throw out to each other as they race (worse than cricket sledging, I tell you).

They were having a grand time trying to outpace each other and drive me insane.

Until I joined in.

They were not expecting me to jump up from my computer and hare after them through the boxes and piles, challenging them at the top of my lungs with my own meow.

They stopped for a split second to give me a look of absolute terror and then fled in opposite directions.

Marble ended up under the spare bed (wedged between my shoes and other newly stored items), watching me suspiciously with wide eyes and trying not to show just how unsettled he was.

Sapphire, on the other hand, quickly scaled the mattresses piled against the wall (she mistakenly thinks there's safety in height). As I rounded my final corner, however, and let out a whooping victory cry - the bloodcurdling sound of an unhinged writer driven to the edge, which could unsettle even the bravest army veteran (or so I imagine) - she got such a fright that she backed right off the side of the mattress and made an undignified and rapid descent, noisily hitting each and every metal strip of the Ventian blind on her way down.

(She's fine, by the way. Just embarrassed)

Satisfied, I returned to my PC. Silence reigned once more.

It goes to show... that old adage is true: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Works for me :-)


po said...

hahahaha you should really take home videos you know ;)

Nes said...

What an awesome story! I definitely agree with Po. I don't think I can imagine how funny it all looked. I need a video. Good luck with the renovations.

p.s. An embarrassed cat is the so funny. They much prefer feeling dignified but I think its good for their souls ;)

Damaria Senne said...

LOL! Play with cats sounds like fun!

Shayne said...

Hilarious! What a fun read.

And how your cats must still be cursing you!

What renovations are you doing? Or did i miss that somewhere?

Yes, donm't forget the before pics pls x

cat said...

Wow - renovations. Much excitement but much frustration too.

Love the bits about the cats.

Tamara said...

PO: Very unlikely, I must warm you.

Nes: My cats are not coordinated like cats should be, so they are routinely embarrassed ;-)

Damaria: Totally underrated.

Shayne: Thankfully they have learnt to deal with much madness and seem to be fine with me again! We're renovating our en-suite bathroom and our bedroom. Also re-carpeting upstairs.

Cat: With your name, I'd expect you to love the cat bits ;-) And yes - exciting but frustrating about sums it up.

Anonymous said...

I love cats... especially when they get themselves into a difficult situation. They're so funny, and they do actually look a little embarrassed after the ordeal.

You should definitely film them the next time that happens.

Helen said...

I guess having two embarrassed cats makes for a quiet afternoon! Thanks for making me laugh!

Tamara said...

elisecrets: Yep, my cats are more entertaining than anything on TV. Except maybe Masterchef Australia.

Helen: It's a pleasure. Glad to be of service!

Louisa said...

Hahaha! I bet you do a very convincing pounce. I can just imagine you chasing the kitties around - go Tamara!

Angel said...

Oh my goodness that had me giggling! I could actually see it happening in my minds' eye!