Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Renovations & Recommendations

I'm big into social buying and am signed up to Groupon, WiCount and now Daddy's Deals. They're having a competition where you can win a fab adventure for you and three friends along with loads of other cool prizes, so if you want to enter too... click this magic button:

Daddy's Deals — with love from kulula.com

Ended my work day well today - got a phone call from a potential new client. She was given my number and a recommendation by one of my current favourite clients.

It's awesome to get people phoning wanting to offer me work at any point, but it's especially awesome when it's thanks to a recommendation from a client. And it's even more fabulous when it's my favourite client.

Yes, a good end to the day. Which is lovely, considering all the mess and foolishness in my house at present. At least we have a new plumber!


Helen said...

I love the social buying stuff, although right now the budget is a bit too tight.... my friends got me a groupon for my birthday and it was AWESOME!

johnroescher said...

Hey Tamara, thanks for using the banner we made to help spread the word about our competition. The banner was my idea and I'm happy to see people using it. Good luck on the competition! -John, Product Manager at Daddy's Deals

Angel said...

Yay for the recommendation!