Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Words and pictures

It's been a busy time. TSC's dad was in hospital for a few days to have a kidney stone removed. The process was more painful than expected and TSC and his family have been quite stressed. We also had a lot on this weekend and TSC's helpers, Isak and Johannes, have been staying with us on and off to help him out on the odd jobs he's doing, which has meant no real privacy for a bit.

The weekend was good, despite being busy. I am so broke after Hobby-X, although I came away with awesome loot. I have lots of craft ideas now - just no time to execute them! On Saturday afternoon we had a picnic in the Pretoria Botanical Gardens to say farewell to my friend and her hubby, which was lovely, but made me sad. We also went to Moo Moo for supper with my folks, which was great.

Thankfully, after a mad Saturday, we got to spend Sunday chilling with my folks at their place. It was the perfect day - naps, good chats, swimming, a great Sunday lunch and a leisurely walk around the estate where they live. TSC and I felt like we were on holiday. Neither of us was keen to come back to our house to do laundry ;-) Being a grown-up... *sigh*

Isak and Johannes are with us for the rest of the week, which is challenging in terms of cooking because they struggle to eat with a knife and fork. We did a braai for them the week before last and burgers last week and I've made a chickpea curry with rice, which is easy to eat with a spoon, but I'm running out of ideas! Especially seeing these odd jobs are always last-minute, so I've already bought ingredients for food for TSC and I this week. I was planning on grilled black mushrooms with some nice toppings for tonight with sides of salad and roast potatoes, but you can't eat those with your fingers or a spoon. Well, not without some difficulty, that is. Any bright ideas?

In other news, TSC's cell phone contract was due for renewal, so he got a new BlackBerry yesterday. His is much fancier than mine and he's very happy with it. He hasn't stopped playing with it since it came out the box. It's nice to have him on BBM - he's the person I SMS the most, so it's going to save me some money. Yay!

I'm super excited that we're going to see Cirque du Soleil Saltimbanco next week. CANNOT WAIT! I really didn't think we'd get tickets and was so bleak that we'd miss it, but my folks stepped in and saved the day.

I have so much work to do today, so I'll sign off and leave you with a few pics...

Sapphire, in the desk drawer next to me. When I'm at my desk, this is where she is.

Marble, loving my high threadcount duvet cover as much as I do. Spoilt boy.

I took this shot at the wedding we were at two weeks ago. I don't know why I love it so much. Maybe it's the contrast between the groom's masculine shoe and the feminine rose petals. Or maybe it's just because I remember how he was almost dancing while he waited for her to arrive and be walked down the aisle - he was just so excited!

Eh... I had more, but they're taking too long to upload. Next time.


Helen said...

We're off to Cirque du Soleil on Thursday, I can't wait!
I'm glad you got to take a mini-break at least!

As for the cooking I find cottage pie to be a lifesaver, it doesn't take long to prepare and it's easy to eat with a spoon, plus all you need is mince and potato and whatever veggies etc you have lying around, even frozen ones.

Slyde said...

ouch... i've never had kidney stones, but ive had a few friends that had.. its always sounded VERY painfull... hope TSC's dad is doing ok

Louisa said...

That desk drawer looks super comfy, lucky cat. And that shoe photo is awesome.

You could do hot dogs? Stir fry? Pancakes? Bacon & eggs? Most stews can be tackled with a spoon too? Fish and chips? Vetkoek? Okay...that's all I've got. Good luck!

po said...

Enjoy Cirque de Soleil, I still want to see that so badly. Or join them and be an acrobat... ha I wish. This body is too old and sore.

Anonymous said...

Great photos. While the wedding shot was lovely and worth studying further, I got totally distracted by the lounging cats.

But who could blame me, really?

phillygirl said...

Love that photo from the wedding !! And I also thought I was gonna miss Cirque, since I had no one to go with. But found another keen friend and we booked on Monday for next week! Yay, so looking forward to it :)

Tamara said...

Helen: Great idea on the cottage pie. But I put it to TSC and he said, "Can we rather have your spahetti bolognese?" Apparently my cottage pie is not so hot then ;-)

Slyde: Ja, after they lasered the stone it broke up and one of the pieces got stuck on its way to the bladder and caused agony. Not nice at all. He's much better now though, thanks.

Louisa: It does look comfy. If I could fit in there I'd be tempted to spend the whole day there too.

Thanks for the food ideas :-) I guess you have experience with a little eater who likes to use her fingers!

Po: I saw La Nouba in the States, so it will be interesting to compare the two shows.

You and disco lumpy should try out for Cirque together ;-)

Mattposky: Welcome! And thanks. Yes, they are distracting, aren't they? They make a point of it.

Phillygirl: Thanks :-) Enjoy it on Monday. It's going to be awesome!

Jeanette Verster said...

LOVE that shot It's the colour and the use of DoF that I like... and the story that it tells

Cam said...

Really like the last pic.

Tamara said...

Jeanette and Cam: Thanks muchly :-)

Angel said...

I'd love to see more of the pics you took at the wedding!