Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Another list

Shot in my gran's garden in Graskop
Stuff I love:
  • People who reply to comments left on their blogs.
  • My new hair. Hah - wait till I wash it tonight and my salon blow-dry is no more. Then I'll hate it for the next week. Predictable.
  • Ginger and peach tea with a little honey.
  • My cats. One is currently sitting in the drawer of my desk next to me, just so she can be close.
  • My camera, which is the most awesome tool. Just looking at my photos on canvas I am amazed at the difference in quality between shots from this camera and my little (lovely for snapshots) compact.
  • Entertaining. Our church small group is having a bring and braai tonight and I'm loving deciding what puddings and salads to make. I'm thinking of trying a recipe for Turkish Delight Mousse. Mmmm.
  • TSC, who just made me filter coffee and brought it up to my office.
  • Being busy. Although I've lost my big retainer client, I've had lots of little jobs come in last week and this week that are keeping me busy and bringing in little bits of money, which will all add up.
  • The fact that it's Hobby-X this weekend. Time to stock up on new craft supplies. Must leave the credit card at home! Temptation abounds.
  • As always, ending on an even number of bullet points :-)
Stuff I don't love:
  • Early morning client phone calls to talk about something that could wait until office hours. Grrr.
  • People who don't do what they say they're going to do.
  • Admin. 'Nuff said.
  • Feeling tired and achy because that's how my body chooses to manifest stress.
  • Our mattress. We bought it when we got married and it's supposed to last 20 years. 4 and a bit years in and it already makes a huge dent where TSC sleeps, even though we turn it every two weeks or so.
  • My bank balance. It was looking impressive because there was a big deposit from SARS, but it belongs to my dad (not sure why SARS stuck it in my account. Maybe because one person handles our whole family's tax stuff?), so now I'm back to my usual, far less impressive, state ;-)
  • Family stuff.
  • Annoying and common spelling mistakes (example: lose / loose. If you lose weight, your clothes will be loose).
  • Not having enough time to write proper blog posts and settling for lists instead.
Updated at 14:25... THIS POST is now also on my list of things I love... laughed so hard!


Shayne said...

Gosh - how gorgeous is that flower?

A friend of mine is dating a chap from Graskop - small world huh?

LOVE new hair too - waiting patiently (or not) till fri.

My little kitty follows me around everywhere, her fav spot is lying on the carpet in our bathroom whem i'm in the bath.

Lists are good!

Helen said...

Beautiful picture! I'm glad you're enjoying your new camera!

As for grammar, I want to run a worldwide course on borrow vs lend one day...

And my blog won't let me comment on it anymore, for some reason some of them hate me and mine is included :(

po said...

I love people who love people who reply to comments on their blogs.

Louisa said...

I'm also not loving our mattress. I turn the blasted thing every week (one week side-ways, one week length-ways)and it's still full of bumps and dips (1 year old).

I am not buying a bloody sponge mattress ever again...springs FTW, especially do not turn mattresses.

Jeanette Verster said...

Love the photo!!
I'm the same with my hair, and there's not exactly much I can do with it cos it's so short.

Damaria Senne said...

Glad to hear bits of business are coming through to replace income from your big retainer client.

The tea sounds interesting. I don't think I've ever had it.

Enjoy the bring and braai.

dbawiw said...

The tea sounds divine - where does one get it?

awwwwwww, I love your cat.

And yes, I too love it when peeps respond to comments on their blog...looking forward to your response to mine! ;-)

tattytiara said...

Guilty of not responding to comments on my blog, but innocent too because it's not like I ever said I would. I really, really enjoy the comments I get, though - laugh like a hyena reading them - and always pop over to the blog of the person who left them to see what they're writing about.

Speaking of, so great to see you again!!!

cat said...

Great picture. Love your lists but I am not in general one for fruit teas.

Tamara said...

Shayne: It's a bromeliad :-)

It is a small world. Especially seeing Graskop is such a tiny place!

Helen: I will support that course! Can you also teach people the difference between 'their' and 'there' and 'its' and 'it's'?

That's really weird about your blog :-(

Po: I always go back to read your replies on your blog.

Louisa: So glad it's not just us! I hate spring mattresses though. Seems there's no easy answer.

Jeanette: Thanks! I get bored so quickly with ym hair and despite it being longer, I'm useless with it - it's either in a ponytail or loose. And that's about all I can manage.

Damaria: Thanks - braai was fab. I recommend the tea. And the ginger is good for your stomach.

dbawiw: I'm not actually sure. Will ask my mom - it was part of a present from her.

I'm glad you love my cat too. She is very loveable.

And that is your reply ;-)

tattytiara: If you had to reply to the millions of comments on your blog, you's never get a chance to actually blog!

And I've been reading your posts, but often not commenting because being number 60-something means there's not much that hasn't been said.

Tamara said...

Cat: Thanks! Oooh, I love fruit teas!

Angel said...

Hhmmm... I stopped replying to comments on my blog a long time ago...