Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Food fix and funny faux pas...

As mentioned yesterday, I have two guys staying with me who are not used to eating with a knife and fork. I'd already bought those giant mushrooms for TSC and I (we eat vegetarian once or twice a week), so I decided to make the mushrooms into burgers. They were awesome.

I grilled the mushrooms with a little olive oil and garlic and popped them onto breadrolls spread with basil pesto and a little mayo, plus sliced tomato and some lettuce. Mmmm! Served them with mielies (that's corn on the cob for non-Saffas) as a side.

Tonight I'm doing my bolognese / bolognaise sauce (Italian or French spelling? Which is better?) with small pasta shells that are easy to manage with a spoon.

Tomorrow night's dish... I have no idea yet.

Anyhoo, let me leave you with something from the funniest site I have seen in ages, Damn You Auto Correct (thanks to dbawiw for linking to it on her blog). TSC and I laughed so hard at the auto correct bloopers last night that we were both crying. Our guests found it somewhat disturbing.


po said...

Hey, I discovered that site on Friday! I think I sat up til aout 12pm laughing my head off. Almost want to get an iphone just for the entertainment value.

Damaria Senne said...

Thanks for the link.. it brought some nice afternoon laughter:-)

Helen said...

I LOVE that site! My favourite was when the pregnant woman's husband told her he was leaving her (meaning to say he was leaving work) and she freaked out. Not funny if it happens to you I guess.

Cam said...

Ha ha. the auto correct on an iphone! I've made that mistake, not as bad, but sent a few f-you's when they were suppose to be see-you's :D

Tamara said...

Po: I hear you! Funny stuff. I'd heard that the iphone aut correct was dangerous, but I had no idea!

Damaria: Glad to be of service ;-)

Helen: I know! It was terrible and hilarious at the same time, if that makes sense?

Cam: Hahaha... that could be blind!

Anonymous said...

Iphone/ipad auto correct sucks so bad! So glad I have a BB!
I love mushroom burgers too! Yummy!!
Um, why can't they eat with a knife and fork? Did I miss that part?

Angel said...

Ooh I can get stuck on "Damn You Autocorrect"!
Your recipe experiments to help your guests out is akin to our search to make our diet food look and taste good!