Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The good, the bad and the fugly

  1. TSC starts his new job next week. He's super excited and I am so pleased for him. I think that adjusting to the new routine may take some time, but this really is a wonderful opportunity.
  2. I'm really bonding with some of the women in my small group that I've been trying to get to know better for ages now... great break through! I met with one for coffee yesterday and another one today and I'm excited that they've opened up to me. It's the start of great friendship, I believe.
  3. I ran into an ex-colleague today for the first time in almost 3 years. Things didn't end well between us and I've always wished we'd patched things up better, but there was lots of hurt and I honestly didn't think she wanted me in her life, so I let her be. But she approached me today when she could've walked away and we had a quick catch-up, which was awesome. I think about her lots and wonder how she's doing, so it was exciting to hear all the good things happening in her life. She's getting married and doing some work on her own and she looks fantastic. It made my day. I nearly cried.

TSC has one really moronic lecturer at varsity - one of those childish people who would not cope out in the real world. All the students try to collect old test papers to get some idea of what their exam questions will look like and how to prepare. This is fairly normal practice and all of TSC's other lecturers encourage it. Not this man.
Anyway, last year he made the mistake of using one of his old test questions exactly as it was with no changes (which is against university policy). One of the students (let's call him T), who had the old test paper, got 100%. The lecturer made the whole class rewrite a new test, which he made much, much harder than any other test, and he hasn't let it drop. Apparently he's found some of test papers missing from his departmental file and has assumed that T stole them.

He apparently phoned T last week, swore at him, told him he's going to make sure he gets expelled and that if he sees him on campus he'll have security remove him. T phoned TSC close to tears. The lecturer then took TSC aside at class last night and asked him if he has any old test papers and where he got them. TSC said yes and that he'd got them from the department's secretary, C. The lecturer then stormed into C's office, insulted her and told her he's arranging a disciplinary hearing and that he's going to try to get her in as much trouble as possible for handing over test papers to the students. C was understandable angry and upset, even though she's done nothing wrong. She phoned TSC, who feels terrible that he's dragged her into this whole mess.

It's just such a childish, stupid situation. The lecturer should not have used the same question in the first place. Chop.

I would so desperately like to give him a slap.


Remember awhile ago I have having issues with two of the people I work with? I thought it was all sorted out. Apparently not.

It's all so flipping complicated! I've tried to explain the situation here and erased the paragraph four times now.

Basically, the situation sucks and there's no easy way out of it. It's nobody's fault, but someone is going to get hurt and one of the relationships is going to get damaged. On the one hand, I have to try to save a three-year business relationship with someone I owe a lot to. And on the other hand I have to grow my business and relationships that will help me to do so.

The problem is that there doesn't seem to be a way to do both in this situation. And it's stressing me out to the point that I have not slept for two nights now.


Anyone have a deserted island I can escape to for a bit?


Being Brazen said...

hope the bad and fugly gets sorted out soon


Louisa said...

MMmmm, not sure if an island will do the trick. I've chatted to people who ran off to CT and to the Freestate and the general opinion is that problems tend to follow you wherever you go. ;-)

Good luck with the bad and the fugly - take no prisoners and so on - show them the red headed temper!

po said...

If I could crawl to a desert island right now, I would, so please give me the map. Would settle for a day off from the world though, perferably spent in bed.

Damaria Senne said...

I also want a map. But I don't think it's going to be qualify as deserted once we all move there:-)

And good luck with the fugly.

DBAWIW said...

Sorry to hear about the Bad and the Fugly - at the very least, I hope you get some good sleep.

Re the Good, how awesome to find connections. Rare and special - well done.

Hayley said...

Yay for the good!

Hope the rest gets sorted. I absolutely hate being in situations like that....not nice.

Angel said...

I am sorry about the work drama T, I do remember you mentioning an issue before.
I hope TSC can sort out the thing with the lecturer and set the guy straight.