Thursday, 28 October 2010

Various updates

It's a rainy, dark day in Joburg and I feel like watching DVDs in bed. But TSC is writing his first exam right now and I must get work done. The problem is that my major, hectic, scare-the-living-daylights-out-of-me deadlines are all done at the moment, so all I have left is the admin and routine monthly work. There's just not the same sense of urgency, which is bad because that routine work is the stuff that pays most of the bills.

I can't believe how long that gastro carried on - it's now more than a week after I first came down with it and my stomach is still super sensitive. Last night was the most ambitious thing I've digested in days - spaghetti bolognaise. But it's stayed put, so things are looking up. Finally.

I've felt so washed out after Monday's massive deadline and this nasty bug that I haven't been very efficient over the last two days. I've managed to get some work done, but in between I've napped, made jewellery and generally hibernated. My big outing for the week was a trip to Montecasino to watch The Other Guys with TSC on Tuesday evening, just to get out for a bit.

Blergh. So many people we know loved it, but we both thought it was pointless and not at all funny. I stand by my opinion of Will Ferrell - I just don't understand why he's supposed to be funny. My type of comedy is sharp, witty or sarcastic. Physical comedy that's been done well can also be funny. But this absurd or over-the-top comedy that people seem to love... I don't get it. Ace Ventura, Zoolander and The Waterboy are some examples of "funny" movies that I just don't get.

I guess it takes all kinds to make the world go round, so I'll leave The Other Guys to those who enjoyed it and, if I need a laugh, rent myself a copy of Snatch, Toy Story 3 or even A Fish Called Wanda (which, oddly enough, is actually rather absurd and OTT, yet still funny).

Tonight is lesson four of five of my photography course and I am bleak that next week is the last one. It's such fun and I've been super impressed by my camera's capabilities, now that I know how to operate it a bit better ;-) I'm loving the fact that I can get better photos of my jewellery too. It's making my reconsider the option of starting up a little etsy shop.

I got my business cards yesterday. At long last! They are beautiful. And now I don't have to be embarrassed when I interview someone and they give me a business card and I have to say, "Um, sorry - I don't have mine yet." Woohoo! Now I just need to get my website sorted.

*Sigh* That's a bit of a mission because I want to use WordPress as a content management system (CMS) and set up a site on the domain I've registered that will look and function like a website and not a blog. But my designer has never worked in WP, and doesn't seem to understand what I mean. I may have to find another designer. Which would suck because it means more delays.

Anyway, off to make phonecalls *shudder*. My worst bit of any day. And then to catch up on some blog reading to balance out the chore I hate with something I love.


Anonymous said...

I always feel disgusted when I'm forced to sit through some Will Ferrel movie. It's just NOT funny.

Although I have to admit I'm a Jim Carrey fan; I liked the Ace Ventura movies. I think I like him because he manages to play the more serious roles too. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind anyone? :)

Damaria Senne said...

I also don't get Will Ferrell and the others you name. Practically given up on the guy who did Zoolander and I think waterboy? I just don't get him. I think I prefer my comedy more subtle?

Anyhoo, glad your stomach is finally settling. I've found that the first few days for me, after a suffering stomach problems, are rough. I tend to eye all kinds of foods with suspicion; not sure which ones will take me back to the same country I've just run away from:-)

CY said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Who are you doing your course through? Still on the hunt for the best deal for the tripod you recommended!

po said...

Will Ferrel certainly never makes me laugh. I just do not get it. Have you seen the Social Network? I really enjoyed that. Unusual for me cos these days American movies hardly ever do it for me.

Tamara said...

Sleepyjane: I think Jim Carrey is enormously talented but has made some bad movies. I loved Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind though, as well as The Truman Show. Even Bruce Almighty wasn't bad.

Damaria: I'm the same - subtle is good. I am so excited to finally be able to eat something that doesn't taste like sawdust again. Yay!

CY: The College of Digital Photography ( For great reviews on pretty much any piece of equipment, check out and for good online shopping (tends to be a bit cheaper than shops) try

Po: I don't think it's been released here yet, but I'm keen to see it.

CY said...

Thanks for the info! One more question! Which course are you doing? The Fundamentals of Digital Photography?

Tamara said...

CY: Yes - that's the one. Does CY have something to do with your name, or are you from Bellville? ;-)

CY said...

My initials :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that bug really wouldn't let you go :S I'm glad you're feeling better though. It's amazing how much a bug like that drains you.

As for movies, hubby and I deliberately watch certain movies on our own. Mostly because I can't stand the shallow, slapstick junk that he watches. No prizes for guessing that he LOVES Will Ferrell. Personally I'd rather watch a Vince Vaughan or Matthew Lillard movie then have to sit through the latest nonsense ala Mr Ferrell.

Hardspear said...

Hey! Glad you're better. My list of funniest movies - The Castle (Aussie film) Little ms. Sunshine, The Mexican, Starsky & Hutch, Ocean's 11 & Pulp Fiction. I am also not too fond of slapstic, though I feel Jim Carrey pulls it off better than most.

I don't find Eddie Murphy funny at all.

Urgh... routine admin...

Tell TSC I hope everything goes well with the exams.

Nadia said...

creating a website is exciting times!!! loved your blog!

Cam said...

Design a page is WP is easy cause it works of CSS/HTML just like a normal webpage...WP is just a back end.

He'll figure it out. Glad you're better.

Helen said...

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better!

I was anti- Will Ferrell until I saw Winter Passing and that kind of changed my mind. And sometimes silly comedy works for me too.

I'm looking forward to seeing lots more photos from you now!

Tamara said...

CY: Hehehe... Good to know.

Arkwife: See, I'm pretty impossible. I can't stand Vince Vaughan either.

Hardspear: I hated Pulp Fiction. Little Miss Sunshine was pretty awesome though. Eddie Murphy is only funny as Donkey in Shrek. Will tell TSC. Thanks.

Nadia: It is. Thank you!

Cam: That's what I said. But she is just not getting it. I too am glad that I'm feeling better ;-)

Helen: I loved him in Stranger Than Fiction with Emma Thompson. Haven't seen Winter Passing.